This Year’s Must-Haves for a Winter Getaway

The time has come for the snow to fall, the Christmas markets to light up and the weekend escapes to begin! For those in the northern hemisphere, it can get a little tough to pack lightly for a short-stay, while keeping warm (and fashionable). Here is my list of essentials that are perfect for the season, but can also double as great gifts this Christmas!


This year’s winter must-haves



A stylish hand luggage bag is a necessity, but it can be tough to find one that looks good and is easy to pack.

Another consideration is the variations in airline, rail and bus luggage requirements, so opt for one that covers all bases (especially Ryanair’s strict limit!)

I love this duffle bag from Herschel (ASOS) is sleek and funky, but also really easy to fit your essentials. ($95)



– 1 large duffle

– 1 handbag/small bag or backpack


You can’t go past the essential dark wardrobe for winter, but you should still try and mix it up with warm tones such as maroon, gold and brown. Studies say that wearing warm colours can even trick your body into feeling extra snuggly!

img_20151117_123221 img_20160409_162345


– 2 tees/singlets for underneath in basic colours (or thermals)

– 1 warm knit

– 1 thick long sleeve shirt (patterns are nice)

– 1 heavy trench in natural colours (camel, dark blues, black, khaki)

–  Thick jeans (black and blue) with good stretch – enough to fit thermals under

– 1 heavy scarf

– 1 or 2 beanies

– 1 dressy top

– enough underwear/bras


I love blinging up my winter wardrobe with something that stands out, but still has simplicity. My winter go-to is a dark coloured watch with gold accents, like this one from Burlingham London.

As the weather changes in winter quite quickly, a waterproof watch is ideal. Burlingham’s watches are 50m waterproof, so ideal for rainy days or even snow!


This beauty (Confluence range 01) is also an ideal Christmas present for a loved one and is unisex! Not only will you have a nice addition to your time piece collection, but all of these watches help to protect 200m2 of the rainforest – so you can feel good about your purchase! You can get your own for £139 (approx. $175) through



– a waterpoof watch like these

– a cute umbrella


Winter means rain, muddy puddles and occasional snow, so tough footwear is a must. Opting for strong and sturdy boots is key, but you don’t have to fault your fashion sense either.

I am loving these rainproof boots from that are nice and flat, so less chance of stumbling around on heels! I also suggest dark colours as the lighter they are, the more likely they will stain/show mud. ($128 Oasis)


For those looking for something below the knee, why not try something funky like these combat boots from ASOS? ($98 ASOS)



– water resistent, strong boots like these

– thick, durable socks

– optionally: heeled boots if you plan on heading out

– side note- wear these on the plane or in transit to avoid using too much space


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