What You Will Find in The Wheatbelt, Western Australia

Way out west, where the kangaroo’s play, there is a whole lot of nothing… but there are also some pretty amazing natural sights that are so beautiful, so unique and so incredible, it is worth the long-haul drive!


Tours to Go is one of Australia’s best tour agencies, with a number of exciting and interesting thing to do in Outback Western Australia, including a number of tours with Pinnacle Tours Australia. Adams Pinnacle Tours have been running tours out west for over 30 years and trust me, compared to a rough road trip and the (very expensive) petrol costs to get there and back, the comfy coaches are the best way to travel. Air-conditioning, commentary and comfort stops to ensure you get a good stretch- don’t attempt to do this on your own!

Pinnacle Tours not only head north of Perth, they head to a sacred aboriginal land in the Wheatbelt, where Wave Rock lies. The York, Wildflowers and Wave Rock tour is great for those who want to kick back, enjoy a very relaxing day onboard a comfy coach and write, listen to music or have a good sleep. This tour has a number of stops that are of interest to the history buff, so sit back and enjoy the commentary.


First stop- the colonial town of York. This tiny one-street township is filled with antiquities, architecture and Aussie spirit. Make sure you grab yourself some snacks and a toilet break for the ride ahead, it’s a long way!

IMG_4983  IMG_4991

A number of stops before our main attraction, Wave Rock, with a beautiful tribute to the working dogs (that can work on farms for 15 years!!!) with the Corrigan Dog Cemetery, Hippo’s Yawn and then Lunch in Hyden!

IMG_4995  IMG_5042

After a long, interesting journey into the South-East of the Wheatbelt- we reach our ultimate goal. Wave Rock is the artwork of mother nature and 130 million years of granite formations. Simply Breathtaking. Walk the trails on top, pretend to surf the wave or just take in it’s beauty.


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Following Wave Rock, we head to Mulka’s Cave. Ancient Aboriginal dreamtime stories relay that Mulka was a child born from Taboo, failing to complete the hunting initiations, he ran away to live on his own in this beautiful cave. Mulka was a terrible, mentally-ill young man born from sin, who stole young babies from his own tribe to eat. Trackers were set out by his tribe to murder him for his crimes, while Mulka’s mother ran to warn him, he killed her and was then speared by the tribesman. The cave is said to be haunted by the evil soul, with red hand prints warning visitors of the spirit that lies within.

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On the way back to Perth, you have a few hours to sit back and relax, sleep or read, with the sunset and city lights out your window.

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  1. The pictures are stunning! Australia is huge, we need to live there to enjoy this country at its fullest!! I’ve only been in the East Coast and I definitely wanna go on the West Coast… It looks incredible!! Like in yr pics 🙂

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