Why Everyone Should Hire a Car on Hvar Island, Croatia

I wrote recently how Hvar is my favourite place in Croatia. The main reason for this is because I was able to explore it better than most people ever consider doing.


Hvar locals are very cruisey, they don’t really mind letting you use their things for some extra cash and cars are a perfect example of that. Next door to my hostel, Villa Skansi, was a little scooter hire company, however you can also grab a 5 seater car for just 400 Kuna- so about 80 dollars for 8 hours! I rounded up some troops from my dorm and for just $20 each we had become island explorers.

Secluded beaches, winding tracks, almost rolling the car down a sheer cliff face- it was excitement from the second we left. Making our way out of Hvar, we followed the main road (only one main road is great for those bad with directions like myself!) to the first port of call- Zorace Beach. Oh the serenity. You could literally look down and see the ocean floor 1om deep, with not a single distortion. The pebbles were so smooth and warm it was like having a hot stone massage and the beach had only a handful of locals. Perfect.


Next we winded our way to the second largest port on the island, Stari Grad, for a picnic lunch. The adorable seaside town and fruit market was the ideal place to relax in the shade, walk around the docks and grab an ice-cream before making our way furthest east to Jelsa.


What a surprise this little town was. The playground of the rich and famous with the cleanest streets you have ever seen, literally glowing white. The modern façade and the clear waters were draw dropping as we walked around the larger bend of town and found the most perfect swimming spot on earth. Shady rock cliffs with enough room to lay down, wading pools with glass like water. We spent hours lazing the day away in Jelsa and taking in the best of Croatia.


Cooled off and showered with fresh water, we hopped back in our cute little Hyundai and made our way through to the other side of the island, with twisting and turning the whole way up mountains, the views from the top were mind blowing.


Back down the island our final port of call was the famous Fortress of Hvar. Entering through the bus access area (so we didn’t have to climb up like the walkers!) we had a look around the site and took in the last sun of the day across the blue horizons. All this for just $20 each- you really can’t get better than that!


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4 Replies to “Why Everyone Should Hire a Car on Hvar Island, Croatia”

  1. Hi there,

    I’m traveling solo to Croatia in September and have really enjoyed your posts.

    Do you need an international driver’s license to drive? And how did you find someone to lend you their car? Do you recommend me asking my AirBnB host for their or a friend’s car, or going through a rental company?

    Finally (thanks for all the help!), how do you recommend roping in some other folks to keep costs down when I’ll be staying my myself in AirBnB’s?

    Any other recs for Croatia would be so appreciated – day trips to Mostar and Kotor for instance?

    Thanks! Emily

    1. Hi Emily!
      In Croatia it is a little bit dodgy so any valid license is fine!
      The guys up at Villa Skansi (5 min walk from the main harbour) will be able to help you with cheapest rental possible- so ask there- it usually is one of the owners cars from the scooter rental next door 🙂
      I would probably ask your BnB host if they wouldn’t mind- even taking you around the island with them?! Might anwser both of your questions about finding people to go with you!
      100% go to Kotor- see the old town and swim in the lake!

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