Why Catching Cross-Country Trains is Better Than Flying

Views, views, views

There is nothing better than staring longingly out of a large window, fresh air blowing your hair, into deep green mountains, turquoise bays and adorable villages. The Eurail system offers this everywhere you go. Yes, a bird’s eye view from an aeroplane can be beautiful, but personally I believe cows grazing 20m away and snow-capped mountains surrounding you will win every time.

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You can get up and walk around as much as you want

There are so many compartments you can just take a little adventure from one side to the next and no one will yell at you for it. Walk to the restaurants on board, stretch, dance, lay down on the day beds they offer in some communal cabins (usually the restaurant) and time flies by!

The food onboard is cheaper

Every train varies but coffee and a muffin is about $5 AUD. On a plane it is about $10 AUD! Plus there are about 30 meals to choose from, all under $15… Vegetable Curry, sandwich or soup anyone?

SO much comfier

I am a sook when it comes to being comfortable. I need to physically lay down to sleep and leg room is vital. Trains trump planes tenfold with this. Opt for the first class section and you will never look back. Leather recliners are my new best friend.


You have more flexibility

There are hundreds of thousands of trains every day, multiple every hour heading to the same places. The times you can choose to depart are much more flexible than flights, especially within Europe.

You can go to more small towns with ease

Most towns under 100,000 people won’t have an airport, but they will have a train station! You can easily hop off and discover stunning little local towns without spending a fortune getting there.

The stopovers are never that long

My longest connection was just 2 hours and even that was ‘weird’ according to the ticket lady! You will never be sleeping on an airport floor again!

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They are never delayed

To this day, I have never seen a train in Europe late. Ever. In one month I caught 20+ trains, enough said!

It’s overall much cheaper to do a huge Eurotrip!

A one month, unlimited, first class ticket to any country, town or area you dream is just $1400 AUD. Flights (don’t forget adding taxi’s to airports/hotels, extra baggage and food) will be over $2000 for more than 5 international flights, minimum. I travelled to 10 countries in one month on my Eurail pass, had comfort, could bring my own water/food and there was no waiting lines! Winning!

Train stations are always closer to hotels than airports- hello taxi fare saver!

I have never seen an airport closer to the city centre than a major train station. If you find one let me know, I will give you ten dollars.

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For more information, check out the Eurail website > www.eurail.com

To see more from inside the Eurail trains, check out my Instagram and snapchat accounts: global.roaming

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