Why Being an Organised Tourist is NOT a Good Thing

One thing my partner, Brendan, has taught me is that letting go and just rolling with the punches can be lead to the most amazing experiences.

I am an over-organised, overanxious, overanalyser. I prepare everything and anything in binders, diaries and timetables. This, in many cases has got me out of a lot of trouble as I always have my documentation, contracts and plan in front of me- so nothing is left to chance. BUT it does increase stress and anxiety when things don’t go my way. So here it is…



1. You will never be let down when something is cancelled

If you haven’t booked it, you can’t be angry it doesn’t happen right?

2. You have the excitement of a grand adventure

The craziest, most exciting adventures come from the unexpected and unplanned. Sometimes deciding on the spot to hike a cliff barefoot can lead to magical memories.

3. You can change your mind

When you have a whole month booked, day to day, hour to hour, you can’t exactly change your plans and head off to a random place with that couple you just met.. you’ve already booked in a tour! Lay-days are ALWAYS a good idea, keep days wide open for the unknown.

4. You have no expectations

If it all turns to mush in front of you, it is so much easier to say “maybe I should have planned something instead, oh well next time!” but not so easy to do the opposite!

5. You are flexible

You have no plan for tomorrow, so why not stay longer, head there sooner or go somewhere completely random?


In saying all of this, there are times when I HIGHLY recommend being organised, like with a decent budget, funds, insurance and of course, packing!

5 Replies to “Why Being an Organised Tourist is NOT a Good Thing”

  1. I’m definitely usually the organized tourist, while my husband is more go-with-the-flow. I think the balance has definitely helped us a lot! However, I definitely agree that if you don’t have something planned or your heart set on something, you can’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen!

  2. I think a combination of both works well.
    Whenever I travel I make sure I visit the things I’m most excited about but leave plenty of time for wandering – it’s lead to the most incredible culinary discoveries! x

  3. I have learned that the best way, life showed me that I needed to be less control freak in order to enjoy the places I visit, otherwise it becomes a simple check-things-in-the-list experience, wich is exacly what I try to avoid.

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