What’s Up 2016?

With 2015 my biggest travel year yet, I am so excited to welcome some huge and very exciting adventures into 2016.

First and foremost, I should thank each and every one of my readers for helping me explore this earth on your behalf, without you all I would be sitting back in Perth in a boring 9-5 job, wishing I had done this sooner! With now over 50,000 followers, Global Roaming has some very big opportunities to engage with fellow travellers and expose the undiscovered regions.

So what can you expect?



Europe, Europe, Europe

With some fun little adventures underway, including some rather Major cities (hint: One has a big clock and the other is famous for macaroons) I will be wrapping up the last 8 months of EU travels in style.



I am super excited to announce I will be collaborating with Cantimplora Travel, a Mexican travel company that incorporates professional travel photography into each unique journey. You will be seeing some stunning photography and exclusive destinations that are often forgotten in the travel world and even better- there are still some spots left to come along with my group in April!



A little sail around Europe with Med Sailors

Hopefully the USA, Canada and a little more of Mexico- TBC

And the rest? Oh please, I am a nomad- who knows!

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