What Is In My Hand Luggage- Long Term Travel

With my 6-8 month European getaway coming up this week, it is time that I share my ultimate hand luggage packing list with you all. I have been on my fare share of flights, so I have nailed the most necessary, lightweight hand luggage for any long-distance flight!


The Bag

I used to bring a large carry on with me on all flights, but after many embarrassing moments rummaging through my over sized bag while people wait not-so-patiently behind me, I have decided to move to a more suitable (and cute) backpack! Opt for one with padding to protect your belongings, I have a Volcom, faux leather bag which is useful, fashionable and I use it daily! It fits my laptop and other times in snuggly, plus enough space for all my little items listed below!


The Electronics

I not only have my backpack, but I also have a camera tough-bag. Most flights allow a handbag and a carry-on so this is acceptable! Otherwise, I attach it to my backpack and pretend it is all one bag 🙂

Inside: My Samsung NX 2000, 3 portable chargers- IDEAL for in-flight recharging!!!! Cables, cords and EU to Australian adapter. Inside the camera bag I also have all of my SD memory cards, business cards and my phone charger!

In my backpack I have my 11″ mini-HP stream notebook with Hot pink hard case, perfect for in-flight blogging and on the road emails!  It is only 11″ so perfect travel size.

My phone- Samsung S5 Active- waterproof and dust proof 🙂

Ipod- for those calming beats!

What I DON’T carry on but DO have in my check in luggage…. Straighter/hair dryer & 5 plug power board ( in other words- hostel happiness). For short term flights I opt to put my laptop in  my check-in between all my clothes for safe keeping and lighter carry-on.


The Carry-On Necessities

1/2 of your cash- the other half remains hidden in my check-in

Passports (I have 2! Irish and Aussie)

Good Book- if your not a reader- ditch this to save on weight!

My itinerary, printed receipts/booking forms etc. (I have a folder)

Credit Cards/Bank Cards


Journal (or notebook)

Sunglasses in crush-proof case

Neck Pillow

Eye Mask

Lip Balm


Medication- labelled- I have very bad allergies so any prescription meds must be taken on board in carry on, labelled with my full name to avoid any questions! Sleeping tablets are also my life saver!

Makeup Bag- I carry-on all my makeup! I am not a big makeup wearer so its only a small bag!

Oversized Jumper (On me!)

Cozy Socks- NECESSITY! (also On me!)

Over sized sarong, scarf or sheet blanket for comfort (use as a blanket and get snuggly!)


That’s it…

Tip: You do not need a whole bunch of clothes, jewellery, shoes etc. on board with you- They get in the way, they are heavy and if you have over packed you suitcase and cannot fit everything- re think what your packing!!!

Happy Travels Roamers!

xx Rachel

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  1. More or less I have the same things in my bag when flying but I never keep half the cash in check in luggage. Travel advice in many southeast asia countries is not to put valuable belonging in a check in luggage. There are so many lost cases being reported to the airport authority even the check in counter warn passengers not to put money in check in luggage. In Indonesia and Philippines for instance, keeping money in suitcase is a no no.

    Mima || Tokyo Blogger || http://tiptoeingworld.com

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