What’s in My Camera Bag

Heading off on a 2 week hiking, snorkelling, biking and nature-seeking adventure calls for some pretty serious photography baggage. This month, I show you what I will be bringing in my camera bag to ensure I don’t miss any epic photo opportunities.

single speed norge

The Camera Bag

go to link My camera bag is this black Lowerpro that I have no had for about four years. They are durable, neat and have all the compartments you could need as a basic, hobby photographer. I recommend a camera bag that has at least three dividers inside, as you can separate your camera from the cords, adding additional protection and also organisation.


GoPro Hero 4

enter Ahhh GoPro’s, what would the travel industry do without you. I rarely put it on wide angle, so many people don’t realise I use this for my underwater photography as it doesn’t have the typical fish-eye effect, but yes, I love my GoPro!
I have added onto my ultimate go-pro-tech-kit a tripod mount (you will see why in a moment), flotation kit and two extra batteries. Also a little tip for warmer destinations or extreme temperature drops – cut up a female sanitary pad and place inside your GoPro, not touching the buttons or lens, this will reduce any fog or water droplets forming inside the case.

Samsung NX2000

http://chennaitrekkers.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0//"http:////chennaitrekkers.org//2018//01//ctc-fitness-test-results-january-24-2018///" My weapon of choice. I am so, so, so happy I came across this camera before I left Australia, as it is one of the best around. It is very affordable (around $500 AUD/$400 USD) and the pre-made settings are perfect for a novice photgrapher. The waterfall setting is my favourite, just set it up on a steady surface (no movement) and click the button – beautiful images are created with no ISO-aperture knowledge required. It is also smaller than most large cameras, has a long battery life and the image quality is amazing.


Grip Tripod

http://devrimcicephe.org/vistawkoe/2192 My favourite add-on for every travellers camera kit, tise bendy, multi angle tripod can form itself to sit stable on anything, from the ocean floor to a lightpole. It makes selfies (on timer) so easy, and you can get angles you never thought of- such as hanging upside down from a room awning!


Portable Chargers

http://www.segway.fi/?kastoto=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-was-sind&ff1=cf I cannot tell you how many times these have saved the day. Mid-flight, on a long day tour or bus journey and your phone or camera dies… then BAM you have a fully loaded charger to plug and go! I carry three, fully charges at all times.

najlepsza strategia na opcje binarne

The Extras

go Of course, you need several spare cords, usb power plugs, adapters and micro-fiber cleaning cloths. Extra SD cards are a must, I usually have three 30GB ones on me at all times. If you love photography, you can read more of my tips here.


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