What To Do In San Sebastian When It Rains

A seaside town known for its picturesque beaches, colourful harbour and stunning sunsets; so what do you do when the whole place is rained out? Well, unfortunately for me, this was a reality. Spending my birthday in ‘sunny’ San Seb was a dream come true, until the forecast hit and it was 15 degrees and torrential rain. Determined to turn the day around, my friends and I knew there must be some hidden surprises to uncover.


Packing summer dresses and bikinis, all I wanted was a swim. After a google search, we found the perfect solution- La Perla. The spa center is located in one of San Sebastians hot spots, La Concha Beach. Overlooking the whole bay, with grand floor to ceiling windows, the La Perla is a whole fitness retreat in the one location.  5 star restaurant, massage parlour, gym and the aquatic relaxation center, it has everything for a perfect day of pampering.

After falling down a flight of stairs (which bruised me more than you can ever imagine) I was in need of a treat. Paying under 30 euro for two hours in the ‘Thelasso Fitness Circuit’ (hot springs and spa section) we were given our towels, swimming caps and heading into the change rooms.


I couldn’t believe my eyes on entering the baths area. The view over the gloomy bay, the steamy waters and beautiful décor. It is amazing.

There is so much to do at La Perla, it is kind of like a theme park for spa lovers. Three different chambers, some with saunas and water beds, a whole gym under water, ice baths and hot tubs. The massage pools are another must and you will get the rhythm of the place really quickly with the locals moving almost in sync down the circuit.


After soaking away our sorrows, it was time for a much needed lunch. Heading to the La Concha walkway,  we found ourselves a nice restaurant and settled in for a hearty Spanish feast of Paella, seafood and my personal favourite- Pintxos.

Pintxo bars are famous in San Sebastian. If the weather holds out, or you don’t mind getting a little bit wet, head into the old town for dinner where you will find pintxos EVERYWHERE. The tapas style dining style is very unique, the bars are lined buffet style with nibbles, in which you are given a plate, select the ones you want, then hand the plate to the waiter to tally it up and pay for only what you select. This means you can try 2 or 3 different Pintxo restaurants as you explore the city, indulging in all the varieties they have to offer. Gastronomical heaven!


All in all, even in the misery of the rain, San Sebastian is a beautiful little town full of hidden gems. Don’t let the weather get you down and make the most of any experience!


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