How I Wasted 8 Hours in Belgium.. The Traffic Jam From Hell

Belgium, the country of ancient architecture, winding streets and creamy chocolates… Oh how I was excited to finally see the beauty of it. Leaving Den Haag on a mini road trip with my crazy Aunty and Uncle, we headed off to Brussels none the wiser, chatting about all the things we can see and do in our full day there. We left at 8am, bright skies and big smiles, as we headed through the city streets of Den Haag and finally onto the highway to Brussels, the trip was due to take around 2 hours. With no snacks, water or entertainment we expected to get there quickly and enjoy a big lunch. Oh were we wrong.

We entered the N277 passing Antwerp… and there it lay- a traffic jam of over 5000 cars, angry, tired and not a single bit of movement. There were even people sitting on their car roof!!! It was a mess. We wound down our window to ask a neighbouring car what was going on- they just laughed and said “This is Belgium” and wound up their window. We thought it would pass… but after two hours and moving about two car spots.. we started to get angry. What the hell was going on? I wanted lunch!!!

Another three hours… another two car spots… we wanted to turn around and go home- but it was a one way stretch with no turning lanes or exits for miles… this is my idea of hell.


1. Play I Spy with my little eye… something beginning with… C…. Car?  Yes….

2. Make fun of other people singing in their cars

3. Become those people singing in their car

4. Get out and stretch… We’re not going anywhere

5. Try and make words out of peoples licence plates

6. Sleep (not the driver of course)

7.  Cry

8. Laugh

9. Sing some more

10. Write blogs….

7 hours had passed, we had probably moved about 2 miles now and still had a fair way- it was about 3pm and we were starving,, thirsty and exhausted. Then came the rain. Seriously could our day get any worse? For some reason, the rain must have woke everyone up and we finally started moving!!!! To our amazement, we finally got to Brussels, after 8 long hours, a whole day wasted and the image of us having to drive back in a few hours.. We stuffed our faces with the delicacies, chocolate, deep fried sausage things, more chocolate. Wandered the streets for the brief hour that the skies cleared up and then finally decided that we had to head back. This was my short lived journey to the beautiful Brussels. Next time I promise to do it right!!!

brussels (22)  brussels (64)

brussels (37)    brussels (22)

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