The Venice To-Do List

Venice, Italy-  a unique travel experience that I have been unfortunate enough to miss on this round of Europe travels. My friends at Ashland Dispatch– Alex and Gilbert, have lent me their knowledge for the ultimate must-do’s while in Venice! Aside from the Gelato and Canals- Venice has so much beauty to offer any roamer…

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#1: St Mark’s Square

Within St Mark’s Square there are actually three great sights to check out, depending on how much time you have. Entrance to the Basilica di San Marco is free and gives you a great view of the square from an upstairs balcony. Alternately, climb up the stairs of Torre dell’Orologio, the clock tower, for another great view. The clock itself is a wonder of mechanics and the story behind it is very interesting, I won’t give it away! At Dodges Palace ask for the Secret Itineraries tour; you get to see the opulence of the the gold encrusted palace before crossing the Bridge of Sighs to see the prison cells (where Cassanova was held, and escaped!)

#2: The island of Burano

A trip to Burano is more than worth the 20 minute journey on the taxi boat. The houses along the canals are painted a rainbow of bold colors that make an incredible backdrop for photos. There are a few restaurants and shops to wander through but mostly go to wander the streets and take photos.
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#3: Another island, this time, Murano

Famous for housing the glass blowing industry, Murano is another chance to get off the beaten path in Venice. Go in the first half of the day while shops offer demonstrations. You’ll get to watch an artisan in action as he creates vases and animal figurines from a glowing ball of molten glass.

#4: Rialto Bridge

If it’s your first time to Venice, you can’t miss the Rialto, as touristy as it is. You can wander over it, through the jewelry shops,  but most importantly, see it from the side of the canal looking up. You can also great a great view on a water taxi, or if you want to spring for it, a gondola ride!

#5: Venetian cuisine

So this may not be a sight per se, but after all the walking you’ll be doing, a nice meal will be well earned. Head away from the busy main squares to find deliciously authentic, and not over-priced, Venetian fare. A little lighter than typical Italian food, it places a focus on fish and vegetable dishes. If you are feeling adventurous try sarde in soar, fried sardines and onions, or seep al nero, cuddle fish cooked in their own ink.
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Trust me- these two know how to travel! Thanks again to the amazing Alex and Gilbert xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing Global Roaming!! We had such a great time in Venice, can’t wait to go back. Interested to hear other people’s favorite spots, I know it’s impossible to list only 5!

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