The Typical Europe To Do List

Stuck for ideas of things to do whilst in Europe? That’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!




Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

P1000357  P1000332

Eat Chocolate in Brussels, Belgium

  brussels (22)   

Have a Guinness in Ireland & go exploring ancient castles

  DSCF4583    DSCF3749 (15)

Make a phone call from a London red phone box, England

Stroll through the Cinque Terre with a Gelato, Italy

cinque terre (103)    cinque terre (119)

Hike up a snowy Swiss Mountain

Gamble in Monaco (whilst pretending to be rich and famous)

monte carlo (33)  monte carlo (35)

Cycle down the Amsterdam Canals & Red Light District

  Party in Ibiza

See the Highlands of Scotland


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