Travel Faux Pas #3

Over packing. Women of the world- unite! I am a serious over packer too. After travelling the globe, I can finally say I have mastered the perfect suitcase! With crazy fee’s on weight in luggage these days, we need to get it right, or spend hundreds on excess charges… so here’s how:

  1. Wear your heaviest items on the plane- your huge hoodie, raincoat, thick jeans. Planes are freezing anyway so you might as well get the benefit of the warmth and open up space.
  2. Keep bulky items in hand luggage.
  3. Don’t pack Hair products (shampoo/conditioner), moisturizers, tanning lotions or hairspray. You are a traveller not a movie star! Not only are they heavy but they take up room and anything you do not have you can buy there, probably in a convenient size!
  4. Go Basic- Plain black T-shirts, singlets, denim shorts, simple bag.. Not only will they match together better to create more outfits, but you won’t look back on your travel photos and wish you weren’t wearing a Simpsons T-shirt!
  5. You only need one pair of running shoes and heels. ONE. I repeat- ONE of each. I see so many people travelling with six pairs of Nikes, two wedges, two stilettos, two sandals. You don’t need them! One basic black heel and one comfy pair of sneakers is fine. You are not there to be seen, but too see. Go and explore and be comfortable!
  6. Be smart with your arrangements. Shoes on the bottom will leave a lot of gaps and take up height in the suitcase, Pack your clothes first, then the bulky last. this way when you shut the case it put pressure downwards on the clothes, not valuables 🙂

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