Top 5: Berlin Sightseeing

Berlin, although rich with history is a very modern, vibrant city. It is hard to nut out the best of the best in such a happening town- so here are my top 5 MUST SEE in the German capitol.



1. Checkpoint Charlie

An emotional rollercoaster for anyone with a heart. The point in which the most people crossed East (the builders of the Berlin Wall) to West Germany during the cold war. Thousands of people were killed trying to flee, a tragedy shaming German history, however so moving that it is remembered to beautifully today. A must see.


2. East Side Gallery

Modern art and human expression at its finest. Graffiti artists from across the globe were commissioned to post art across 1300m of the Berlin Wall, leaving the world’s largest open air gallery for the world to see.

IMG_20150720_011017  SAMSUNG CSC

3. Brandenburg Gate

By far one of the most iconic monuments in Europe, the gate lies at the old entryway to Berlin from the road to Brandenburg. Right next to the gate lies the Holocaust Memorial and Tiergarten, however the gate itself is the dominant feature of the area. Visit at sunset for a stunning view and to miss the peak tourist period.

4. Tiergarten

The third largest inner city park, the garden stretched across a huge part of Berlin’s Western side. The Garden, once a private hunting park, now hosts festivals, weddings, stunning lakes and a great place to see the local way of life. Warning- there is male nudity here! The park is home to one of the gay-friendly parks of Berlin where men gather to ‘play’. If anything- it is an experience! Aside from this, the park has a number of beautiful pathways to ride bikes or walk, with beer gardens located in a number of great spots.

berlinn (10) IMG_20150720_220417

5. Museum Island

The district that hosts the museums- of course! Even if the museums are not of interest, this is a really cool area with some beautiful buildings, great food and a good atmosphere year round. Ride a bike through here and see the beautiful buildings and head on down to the riverside for a man-made ‘beachside’ lunch!


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  1. Berlin is litterally scarred with its history! I visited it last year and for me that really was the most fascinating. However, I have missed up East Side Gallery. Seems like an interesting place as I enjoy many types of art.


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