Top 10 Travel Faux Pas

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A favourite section of mine is Global Roaming’s Travel Faux Pas, the best tips from around the globe to help you on a road to successful travel.

After months of blogging I have finally reached Travel Faux Pas #100! Woohoo!

Many of you have commented and liked these tips over the year so I thought it would be best to share with you the



Number One: Forgetting to check visa information (#2)

Majority of international countries will require some form of visa to be submitted prior to landing in the country. Brazil and Argentina are renowned for having tough visa laws- especially for Australians. An Australian must apply for a Brazilian visa at least 2 MONTHS prior to departure, send off their passport to the embassy, pay the fee, fill in the forms and have time for them to process! It is not as simple as rocking up in the country! Always check trip advisor for any visa requirements- you don’t want to pay for a flight you cannot take!


Number Two: Allergies & Illnesses being misunderstood (#9)

I have a severe allergy to Shellfish, Gluten and Dairy (Yes I know- it sucks!!!) so when I travel I have to be on my game when eating local cuisine. I have come up with a full-proof way of avoiding a reaction by making up a card for my wallet- in the language of my destination (thankyou google translate!) that states my allergies- with pictures! This way I don’t have to try and mime it to the foreign waiters- who lets be honest- have no idea what you are going on about!


Number Three: Keep an eye on 24 hour time (#17)

 These days most countries go by 12 hour time frames (3am, 3pm etc.). The tourism industry will always remain on 24 hour time- so make sure you are reading this correctly and triple checking your times. 20.55 is often mistaken for 10.55pm instead of 8.55pm, 02.00 (2am) for 2pm and 12.00 (12pm) for 12am. If your unsure- print out a 24 hour converter card like this:


Number Four: Grocery stores are underestimated (#25)

These should become your best friend. Every country in the world has a 7/11, Woolworths, Tesco… stock up on cheap food, local flavours, basic essentials (even underwear!) and you will be under budget every day. Why not have a cute picnic in Florence, drink an ice tea in Japan or grab a Donut in America? It will only cost you a few dollars!

Number Five: Get your vaccinations! (#35)

If your an Aussie, you won’t be allowed back into Australia after visiting South America without proof of your Yellow fever vaccine. On the positive side, you may save yourselves weeks of serious illness… no one ever said malaria is fun! Don’t think “I won’t get it!”…. you never know… its a game of roulette, so just GET THEM!


Number Six: Travel at the cheapest times (#37)

 Everybody knows that flights change in prices throughout the year- but not many know the basic outline that airline companies follow to guide pricing. Firstly- Fridays and Saturdays are the most expensive days to fly, so its best to do your searches Thursday-Monday or other weekday variations. Secondly- 6 months prior is the prime discount time. The pricing guide usually goes premium prices- 12-6 months, low 6-4 months, peak 3-1 months prior. Good Luck!

Number Seven: Don’t go anywhere without a decent pair of walking shoes! (#43)

Yes, you may be slightly less fashionable- but saving yourself from blisters, shin splints and twisted ankles that can ruin a holiday is worth it!!! I choose Sketchers Go Walks!


Number Eight: Stock up on your hotel’s business cards (#48)

 The first thing you must do when arriving at a hotel is to grab three or four of their business cards from the front desk. Pop them in every bag, wallet and luggage you have so that you can hand them to taxis when you have had a little to drink or if the language barrier is getting in the way.

Number Nine: Don’t forget to scan all of your passport and travel documents (#57)

This is probably one of the biggest faux pas for people have. Hardcopies go to family and friends, an electronic pdf should be on a cloud or document website such as ‘drop box’ for you to access at any time.  I cannot even explain how VITAL this is- I have had to use my electronic copies so many times for last minute visa or hotel information. Don’t think it is all a joke- having these readily available can help your family to find you in the event of a disaster.


Number 10: Changing who you are to impress. (#100)

Never try to act like somebody you are not when travelling. You are doing this to discover yourself and new places, not impress others. Take everything as it comes, if that person thinks you’re ‘weird’… they aren’t meant to be a friend. People who you are meant to meet will come along in this lifetime and you will discover the meaning of friendship with likeminded strangers. Let’s be honest, you probably are a weirdo, but what’s wrong with that?!



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  1. Number 8, stocking up on hotel name cards, is VERY important advice. On a recent trip, the hotel had a courtesy car, which took me to a restaurant for lunch. The driver asked if I wanted him to wait for me and – stupidly – I said no. I wanted to walk back to the hotel because I had seen many interesting shops and stuff on the trip over. Generally I have a pretty good sense of direction, and I was sure I could find my way back. Unfortunately, I got lost … So I had no choice but to take a taxi, and BOY did he take me for a ride!!! Not only did I pay VASTLY more than I should have, he also managed to confuse me out of my mobile phone. I finally extricated myself out of the taxi (not realizing I didn’t have my mobile phone) , I went into the lobby of a small hotel and explained the situation to the woman at the front desk. Fortunately, she knew of the hotel I was staying at. She said is was just around the corner and asked the bellboy to take me there on his motor scooter. If I had had the name card I could have called the hotel … As an offshoot of this experience, if hotels provide such a service, use them, because there must be a reason. Apparently there are a lot of shyster taxi drivers in this town, which is why the better hotels provide courtesy cars.

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