Tips for Stress Free Travel!

We are all human. Flights get delayed, passports go missing. It is a part of life, especially for a roamer!

Staying positive and not losing your cool when things don’t go your way is vital, so here are some ways that you can reduce the stress and enjoy your holiday!



I like having a hard and soft copy of every travel document. Soft copies are online- I use google drive and can access it from my phone (with wifi) so that I can show people documents on the go. Hard copies are physical, printed copies- keep a folder of all tickets, booking forms and passport photocopies so you can whip them out as soon as you need them. I like to keep mine in date order (yes, nerd!). I highly recommend printing any email communications as well between you, hotels, tour guides etc. That way they can never say you are incorrect!

2) Back it all up

Like I said before, I like to keep hard and soft copies. It is very very important you take a scan of your passports and licenses, credit cards and visas BEFORE you go. Print and give to a family member and then store online for safe keeping. In the incident you lose a passport, having a copy of your old one will help the renewal process ten fold!

3) Take a big breath and a glass of water- before going crazy!

I am a hot head. I yell, I scream and demand- a lot. I learnt VERY quickly that in the tourism industry this will lead to negativity and you will NOT get your way. So if you see that great big DELAYED sign, or CANCELLED- sit down, breath and think logically before bursting into tears. Head up to the counter, speak calmly and you may get the information you need. Hit the forums, google, anything to see your next move- Don’t just flip out!! There is ALWAYS a way!

4) Don’t forget your insurance.

Insurance is simply a must. Not only for your safety, but others around you! I have lost wallets and phones before, started to get upset and then realise- It is insured! Relax, if you are covered NOTHING is irreplaceable.

5) Use your connections.

Connections don’t have to be celebrities, airline CEO’s or news editors! Your parents, friends, siblings are all great means to an end. They tend to think better in high stress situations when they are not directly involved. Give them a call, talk calmly and let them help you! Mums tend to be VERY persuasive on the phone to airline companies when they babies are stuck after cancelled flights!


Nothing can be so serious when you find the humor in it. Just think- OF COURSE THIS HAPPENED TO YOU!! You will look back and giggle at it all someday!

For more tips and tricks, read my travel faux pas! 

3 Replies to “Tips for Stress Free Travel!”

  1. hehe love these tips! I’ve had to get myself a lot more organised since a disastrous trip to Amsterdam last year when I stupidly left my passport on the plane and only realised when I got to passport control – I only *just* managed to get it back before the plane flew off again 😛 I definitely agree with your first point. My friends think I’m a little OTT with my travel folder, but it makes me feel a lot calmer knowing everything’s in one place and to hand if I don’t have WiFi!

  2. Hey Rachel!
    Thank you for this post! Travelling can indeed be stressful as things often go wrong.
    I would totally agree with you in point no.3.

    I remember getting extremely upset and demanding with a hotel receptionist in Thailand only for her to leave me waiting in the reception and disappear!

    Remaining calm and trying to talk through what you want and why you are making a certain request is crucial.
    This way you are more likely to get what you want and it’s better for your mental health!


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