Tinggly Experience: The Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is an icon in many people’s minds, with images of the Can Can dancers and sultry performers in barely-there costumes. I was dying to experience the cheeky French courtesans in the famous cabaret, so I booked in with Tinggly for a once in a lifetime experience.

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Tinggly offers gift cards to hundreds of experiences across the globe, all at the low price of $150 (100 Euro). This, for the Moulin Rouge, was a steal as not only do you experience the Feerie show, but also indulge in half a bottle of champagne- for $50 less than direct! One of the easiest booking processes on earth, it was as simple as entering your code and BAM- your e-ticket is in your email inbox!


On a rather gloomy Parisian night, I headed up to Montmartre, the ‘red light’ district of Paris. An unforgettable site, the Moulin Rouge, with it’s red windmill décor and bright lights stood tall in the main sqaure. I was squeeling with joy, as many of the twenty-something girls around me, with dreams of Nicole Kidman singing ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’ springing to mind. A short wait in the lavish entry foyer for the 9pm show and we were personally showed to our table situated smack bang in the middle of the stage on our own little platform. You do have to share your table with others, but this cosy atmosphere adds to the experience and you are all soon giggling and cheering together as the show begins.

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Féerie is the current show at the Moulin Rouge which premiered in 1999 and is still as extravagant and elegant as ever. Photography is forbidden during the show (sorry guys!) which is perfect to stop you being distracted from the amazing performance in front of you.

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Hundreds of STUNNING women, scantily clad of course, prance around the stage to French and English classics, with miniature horses, live snakes in pools and a LOT of nudity- this show is absolutely unforgettable. The nudity comes second to the brilliant acts and you soon forget that it is so predominant. The in-between acts are actually some of the best, with male gymnasts doing mind-blowing stunts and pulling people on the stage.

You simply could not wipe the smile from my face, with all my expectations filled (and more) the show is a must-see in Paris. Don’t take the kids, it is a little risk-ay but one of the most entertaining, daring and spectacular shows on our planet. Adding to the experience was the ease of the booking forces with Tinggly. I have heard from many travellers that the Moulin Rouge can be tricky to book and understand what you are getting, so knowing that it only took me about 5 minutes to get one of the best seats in the house, for much less than the standard booking price, I was very impressed.

Ce un spectacle fantastique!

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