The 5 Best Countries for English Speaking Expats

Looking at heading abroad to live, work or study? These five cities are the easiest to integrate into for English speaking expats, so why not start with them!




1. Germany

I have now lived in Germany for six months and I must say, it has been easy to integrate life here! In major capital cities, they all speak English, so getting the help you need is easy. In such a social world there are also a number of forums and blogs to help you navigate the system.

Financially, it is rather easy to get stable here when you have full time work. For students and part timers it is definitely more difficult, but still completely doable if you chose to live in a share house.

The culture, although very diverse, is completely open to English speakers and being such a global country with a lot of international power, Germans are in no way turned off by English native speakers.

In the six months here, I have learnt about 5 sentences in German and it is all I needed!

(Read more about living in Germany here)

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2. England

Obvious, as it is English speaking, but it is a top place for international expats to settle. London being the city of choice by most, the UK is a perfect region to gain international experience.

Life in the UK can be quite expensive, but any standard full time job is more than enough to live comfortably in a share house and there is an abundance of resources to help support you if you are struggling.

The community of expats is one of the strongest in the world and making friends is very easy. You will have no trouble finding your way around their tax, medical and financial systems and all the information you need is laid out online.


3. Australia

Known for its white sandy beaches and relaxed vibe, Australia is an expats dream. Although visa issues for internationals are very common, it is one of the most open and multicultural countries of the world. Named the number one destination in 2016 for travellers, Australia is ideal for those internationals looking to try something new.

Finding jobs here is beyond easy (with a working visa of course!) and almost every bar and pub will allow international workers. Mandatory farm work is also a part of the working visa, however is incredibly easy and you will make some lifelong friends.

The best part, of course, is the weather. Mild all year round and stinking hot in summer, the expat experience won’t be short of a lot of sun tanning and outdoor activities.

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4. Estonia

With the younger generation all fluent in English, with it being a mandatory subject in school, Estonia is an ideal place for expats to explore Europe.

Visas for Estonia are fairly easy to get, especially for people with a degree in a higher field. The Estonian government is one of the most open in the world to foreign workers and the international English schools are some of the best.

Tallinn, the Capitol, is full of internationals- with many opportunities for English speakers. The culture is lively and the beautiful landscape, old city and friendly people will ensure you have the best international experience possible.


5. Spain

The Spaniards are some of the funniest, craziest and friendliest people on earth. All you have to do is walk the main streets and you will see the smiles and gestures of happy people. This is what makes Spain one of the best countries for international expats.

Surrounded with people willing to help and an energy beyond compare, Spain has a lot of touristic areas in which work is easily picked up. Try working at a a backpackers hostel, bar or cafe- most Spanish cities will have a few places that don’t require Spanish language knowledge.

Spain also provides some leading international schooling and internship opportunities, so another great way to expand on your resume!

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 Where have YOU lived abroad? I would love to hear your stories on integrating into a foreign country!




3 Replies to “The 5 Best Countries for English Speaking Expats”

  1. I currently live in Qatar. Almost everyone speaks English. I do have trouble I government offices sometimes, but thankfully I don’t have to do that very often.

  2. Consider South-Eastern Europe for a few months or a couple of years. Romania and Greece are among the best (and most picturesque) and they share similar cultures. Girls are amazingly beautiful there, life is still cheaper that in the West and most people are warm and welcome. Of course there are bad things like everywhere in this world, but if you don’t particularly look for them, you will experience one of the best combination of natural beauty, party society, excellent food and wine and a much relaxing life compared to Western Europe.

    Right now I live in South East Romania, which has amazing beaches and food. Last two years I have been living in Thessaloníki, Greece and Kefalonia, both breathtaking places. As a German, I have found these societies a little bit strange at the beginning, however my research went on and I have now gathered enough pluses and positive knowledge to make a real balance between life here and that in the Western part of the continent. I just love breaking through stereotypes and living the life emerged in new cultures and life-styles. That’s the motto of my life and I really want to live it to the maximum.

    Greetings, Johann Miller (Hamburg).

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