That One Time I Slept on a Train in Croatia

Before you think “what a nutcase who wants to do that?” it is much better than you think. After an amazing week in Croatia, I was heading north to Budapest and the only train access is an eight and a half hour ride to Zagreb, then through to Austria and finally, Hungary. With the train leaving daily at 10pm, of course you need to sleep right? Well Eurail has thought of that for you. Introducing- the sleeper compartment!


I was so happy whilst reserving this ticket online that there was an option for something called a ‘single sleeper’ for an extra $50 odd dollars. It was going to be a rough night so the sleeper sounded pretty good to me. Little did I know it would be better than most hostels I have been in!

I am sure a lot of people, like me, assume that trains will be dirty and cramped, but these sleeper rooms are awesome! You have a double or triple bunk bed, mirrors, private window (for air of course- and the odd selfie) and heaps of storage for your luggage. The best bit- it locks from the inside- so no thieving possible!


I had the best sleep I have ever had that night, so for all those freaking out over overnight trains, search to find ones with a sleeper and you will be in heaven!

For more information, check out the Eurail website >

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