A Ten hour Transit: Changi Airport, Singapore

Ten hour transits are hardly desirable, especially when your destination is so close by! En route to Hanoi, we had a long, tiresome stopover at Singapore’s Changi Airport. If there is anywhere in the world you would like to be delayed or held in transit- it is here. Each of the three terminals offers so many activities and facilities to keep you occupied- plus a transit hotel for those who have a little extra to spend and want a decent sleep (Rates start at $90 Singapore dollars for 6 hours but includes a private room, shower and WIFI). We opted to conquer the wait inside the terminal, rather than the hotel and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it went!


Changi is filled with interesting gardens, a cinema, lounges, cafes and a gaming station. Arriving in from Perth at 3am, we went up to the level 3, 24 hour food court and grabbed a snack, then decided to find somewhere to have a sleep. After strolling through the quiet hallways, we found sanctuary in a little corner , hidden from the public with a surprisingly soft carpet!

TIP: Bring a Travel pillow, fluffy socks, oversized jumper or blanket and an eye mask- these three items are your SAVIOUR in long haul transits!!!! I swear to god I can make ANYWHERE a cosy hideaway for myself!

We settled in and slept for 5 hours! I woke up unbelievably rested and STARVING!!! We made our way through the (now open) shopping malls and grabbed a coffee with breakfast. 4 hours left on the clock we decided to take our time and adventure the terminal.

In transit, you are in no rush- so enjoy the range of shops, browsing slowly. Try on clothes, read user manuals and stretch your legs out with that extra time! you will be surprised how fast time flies when you are preoccupied.

TIP 2: A Portable battery charger is the single most useful present I have ever received (thanks to my brother!) This little device will recharge any USB connected device, such as iPhones, GoPro’s, iPads… ANYTHING! Transits are a good time to watch movies or play on Facebook as well, so keep one of these handy and you will extend your play time by at least 3 hours!!!

Changi’s best feature is the cleanliness and easy directions. The place is immaculate- toilets are constantly cleaned and everything is easy to find. If you are stuck somewhere with less facilities- try and plan your time around sleep, I always find that the best transits are ones where I exhaust myself first- shopping, eating or watching a movie, and then try and sleep in an uncomfortable spot.

It really is worth the $200 or $300 less for long transit flights if you are prepared ad willing to suck it up and take it as another adventure. You can discover so much about a country from the airport- information is everywhere you just have to LOOK for it!!!

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