How to Take a Great Travel Photo

I see so many images of blurry beaches and crooked buildings – it makes me frustrated that the person who has taken it could have captured something amazing for the world (and themselves!) to see for years to come!

Photography isn’t easy and I am FAR from a pro, I don’t even own a fancy camera… but these are my tips to taking a great photograph on any camera or phone!

1. Always adjust the focus and pinpoint your image

Most cameras and every single phone (that I know of) will have auto-focus, however if you tap the screen on your Iphone on the person or object you wish to focus- it will create a perfect image almost every time! Camera’s and other smart phones tend to have a half-press feature, where if you press down the main capture button half way, it will focus on your subject. Try it!!!

photo 3

^^ This little Guy’s focus was on his cute head!

2. Frame your objects

The ‘rule of thirds’ is commonly refereed to in photography- it means that your subject should take up or be the focus in one third of your photo! Whether that be horizontal thirds or vertical thirds- it should help make a great framing of any object


^^ This image had one third Horizontal Framing

3. Horizons need to be horizontal!!!

So many people have images of beaches where the water is on a slant.. try and make any horizon stay straight, even if people are in the pictures.


^^ The trees in the distance are all horizontal

4. Take your time

A million blurry photos over five good ones is never a good thing, take your time, focus, frame and click!

IMG_9203 DSCF4418

^^ You can capture a fleeting moment that will make you smile for years

5. Editing should never be O.T.T

Relax with your instagram filters people!! They don’t make the image much better, it just looks fake- and whats the point if it doesnt look how it did in reality? The only effects i ever use are contrast, sharpen and ‘Lux’. Lux will become your best friend on Insta… it makes EVERYTHING look vibrant and brings back the real tones!


^^ Before and After.. not much difference but just enough to make it POP!

6. Think outside the box.

I love seeing weird and wonderful images with unique poses or angles. Don’t get the standard photo (although sometimes you just have to- ie. Pisa) and get creative. bend down, angle up, stand on chair- who cares! You will have a better picture then that lady giving you the evil eye anyway!


^^ Two very memorable photos that I love and nobody else has!

7. Get a GoPro.

They are the best. Rain, wind, water, sand- they work anywhere, have a long life, are tough and take the coolest fishbowl photos ever. End of story.


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  1. Good tips, I’ve been guilty of doing most of these. I think most of it comes from being impatient and just pointing and shooting rather than thinking it through and considering composition, focus, depth of field etc.

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