Summer Essentials: What You Should Always Pack in Your Carry-along

The sun, the sandy toes and the painful sting of sunburn- Summer is here in the Southern Hemisphere and it is time to stock the essentials- or even prepare for your next Summer vacay!!! So here are the most necessary items for your carry-on luggage, beach bag and backpack!!!


GoPro with Waterproof Case

You never know when you will be jumping in the water chasing dolphins and turtles, plus the summer sun makes any photo beautiful! Hit up GoPro for your needs


LeTan Coconut Sunscreen

This is the smell that defines my summers- coconut. Stay protected from the elements and lather this UV 30+ on so those awful sunburn tan lines never appear!

Le-Tan-Coconut-Lotion-30+    What-to-eat-to-beat-bloating-2

Lip balm

Essential for staying kissable. Cracked lips suck. Lucas Paw Paw is the bomb!


Lyloh Sarong

The cutest sarongs on earth- plus you can use them as a picnic rug, scarf, blanket, shawl, even an awesome flag at festivals. I <3 LILOH

Lyloh_YinYang_2   photo+1

Portable Charger

This baby gets me through those exciting tours, just as my phone or GoPro runs out of battery, BAM I have access to instant charging power!!!! Try Kogan for the best ones!

089f52038ea7ddcd14362b6172ab02b5 power-bank-2200mah-with-perfume-1

A Cute Sunhat

Not only fashionable, but practical! These ones are from Boutique One of a Kind, SO CHEAP and great quality.

1459080_10200096540692390_4694676901304892310_n moore river (15)

Sexy Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from UV radiation is crucial, so a pair of sunnies that suit your face will soothe the suns glare and of course- look hot! P.s. Boutique One of a Kind has these too!

DSCF5616  image1


Because you cannot survive without it. Dahhh.


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  1. Thank you so much for including us in your essentials. We are so happy to be there and now have so many more essentials on the shopping list for this summer xxx

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