South West Road Trippin’

I absolutely love a road trip. Any chance to jump in  car and drive till you can’t no more… that is my definition of freedom.

With the pending nuptials of two of my favourite people on earth at Peaceful Bay, 6 hours south of Perth in Western Australia- I jumped in my cute little Mazda and decided to further explore what WA has to offer.


The South West is known for its’ rugged coastline, tranquil forests and vast country farms, with acres and acres of natural bushland- no city skylines, shopping malls or activity- just nature.

This was my perfect chance to unwind, spend some quality ME time and reflect on this crazy year- the launch of my blog and all the happiness that Global Roaming has brought me.

I am going to start opposite to how I drove down there, as the drive back was where I really explored what the west has to offer, with Denmark one of the Southern-most points.

Denmark is one of the ‘busier’ stop… although its population is just 2,200.. but who wouldn’t want to live in a country town who has the best surf, sand and sunsets that Australia has to offer?

Ocean Beach is this spot, although pretty windy and gloomy on my visit, the views from the lookout was something else. I even took a few pics, put my phone away and just enjoyed it to myself, technology free!

IMG_0475  IMG_9737

After getting some (very) fresh air, it was time to make my way towards the most amazing piece of coastline- Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks.

The blue and green pools are trapped from the crashing waves by the smooth rocky outcrops and the calm waters are so warm and peaceful- I love it. Can you see why?

IMG_0440  IMG_0426 (1)


Next stop- Valley of the Giants. A tree top walk that takes you high above the Tingle Trees- over 40m into the sky. The magical little bush trails also explore the undergrowth, I am pretty sure elves and fairies live here and Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas was watching over me…

IMG_0292  IMG_0330

IMG_0326    IMG_0337

Heading north I saw a dirt track and thought, hey why not? What have I got to lose (aside from my tires)… so I turned off at ‘Conspicuous Cliffs’ travelled about 6km into the middle of nowhere to the stunning beach- with literally no sign of life- just me, the vast cliffs and of course- the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean. It took a while for me to let it sink in- this place was so hidden, secluded and magical. I literally frolicked for about an hour, all by myself in wanderlust. This is what I came here to do- explore and discover pieces of the earth that many take for granted.

IMG_0482  IMG_0491

Finally, I will tell you a little about Peaceful Bay- the destination of this magical beachside wedding. The waters are so blue and so clear- you can literally see for about 600m ahead of you. The shallow pools make it so warm and calm- it is literally like a dreamland, with the rocks as fluffy clouds… The sand feels like flour it is so perfect… Congratulations Peaceful Bay- you made it to my top 5 favourite destinations!

IMG_9786 (4)  IMG_9824

 IMG_9828  IMG_9786 (2)

If you ever get a chance to explore these places- do it. Australia is often known for the Sydney Opera House or the typical Bondi Beaches… but rarely do you get a chance to feel so in touch with the world and the beauty of our landscapes. This is Australia and this is livin’!!!!

            IMG_0502  IMG_0416


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  1. Awesome!! I totally fall in love with the country when I did my roadtrip there. This is the perfect place to drive and enjoy the trip! I’m looking forward to a trip on the West Coast! Nice to read about yr trip!

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