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Singapore is the cleanest and safest Asian country by a mile. The peaceful city scape, along the Singapore River and the beautiful architecture will leave a smile on any travellers face. The locals are always willing to go above and beyond for a foreign visitor, plus the tourism industry is booming so there is a heap to do!

On arrival, entering Changi Airport is the first sign of the beauty and structure of Singaporean culture. Exquisite gardens, Coy ponds and boutiques line all three terminals, creating a sense of warmth.

Singapore is an expensive city, with an average meal heading upward of $25-$30 per person.Don’t expect to be able to do Singapore on the cheap- It isn’t for the budget backpacker! The city center is filled with expensive shops, high profile business people and high rollers. You will feel out of place in a backpack!

Unfortunately I cannot say that Singapore is one of my favourite Asian cities. The structure is too intense for a free spirited person, plus the expenses are through the roof and quite similar to that in Australia so nothing felt ‘out of the ordinary.’ The only upside for me was the beauty and calm found in the tiny gardens or the crazy chinatown markets that felt like a high density asian city should. I honestly wouldn’t recommend Singapore for more than a two day pitstop for 20 somethings… any longer and you will find yourself a little bored!

Must see and do:
Head to Robertson Quay for lunch
Singapore Zoo- get a photo with the seals!
Stroll through the Botanic Gardens

 image (3) image (4)

Singapore Robertson Quay and My dad being an Idiot at Singapore Zoo- miss this guy!

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