How Do You See The Best of Australia in One Day, for $100?

Sun, Sand and Sea- Australia has it all. I gave myself the impossible task- see it all in ONE DAY!

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I have found the answer to this question for you… Fly to Perth and hit up Tours With a Twist. I have been on over 100 tours in my short lifetime (total guestimation- not actual number) and these guys know how to fit the best of the Australian landscape and lifestyle into one day. Being an Australian I am happy to say I take the place for granted… but since starting the Home Roaming Project, I have been able to see and experience so much of the place. Tours With a Twist has set the bar at a whole new level.

The itinerary is perfect- you don’t have hours of boring commentary and constant driving, plus you get to see theall aspects of the famous geography that Australia is renowned for. The tour starts in Perth City- the first interesting place you can experience. Bustling morning traffic, the cafe strip and bright eyed travellers- a perfect way to start the day. We were picked up by the wonderful Suzan (pronounced Sue-zan) and headed straight for stop number one- Yanchep National Park.

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After a short trip in the tour bus- we arrived in Yanchep and immediately found the first of many furry friends- Kangaroos! See what I mean by Australia in a day? Our national animal is the first thing we find! After watching these cute little guys bouncing around with joeys in their pouch, we headed through to the Koala boardwalk. 10 fluffy koala’s sit high up in the eucalyptus trees and the whole group bonded over the ‘spot the koala’ game we started. Happiness comes in many forms, but nobody can wipe the smile off their face when they see baby kangas and koalas.

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After a morning tea break with some delicious chocolates, ice-cream and coffee- we explored the national park and found some stunning little hideaways. We then made our way on another short and cheerful journey to the beautiful Moore River.

From bush to seaside- the transition is what Australia is all about! Vast bushland separates stunning places and Moore River is the epitome of this. Moore River is a magical place that joins the Indian Ocean and the mainland. Rainbows of colour are the result of this convergence and the place is full of happy families, bathing-suit-clad Aussies and of course the smell of the sea.

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After this happy little stopover we headed to Lancelin Beach for a yummy lunch and another seaside view with a different beach view, full of wake surfers and swimmers. Lancelin is an amazing little town, everyone is so relaxed so you can experience the culture of Australia.

lancelin (1)

Next stop- the best part- Sandboarding!!! Heading to the outskirts of Lancelin we discovered the vast dune system with pure white sand, steep slopes and a panoramic view of the beach. Speeding down the sand dunes with wind in your hair and a smile that cannot be wiped- this is exhilarating!

Every single person in the group becomes instantaneous friends- you cannot stop yourself from laughing as people fall and helping each other back up. It is the ultimate adventure and you get to see how Aussie friendships are formed- experiencing the great outdoors.



Next up- The Pinnacles. Another short road trip (all the stops are perfectly timed so you never spend more than half an hour driving!) and we were in the red desert landscape of the wild west. The pinnacles are thousands of limestone mounds growing from the dry sands of the Numbung National Park. This place is Mother Nature’s finest artwork- mystical mounds in the middle of nowhere, that nobody can confirm how they were formed! This is the perfect way to wind down and appreciate the difference landscapes that Australia brings.

pinnacles (41)  pinnacles (20) pinnacles (14)  DCIM100GOPRO

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