The Secrets of Argentina

Buenos Aires, the capitol of Argentina is a buzzing, lively and cultural paradise. Think tango, pastries, markets and street art. Everywhere you turn, you will see something that makes you whip out your camera and snap away.


Buenos Aires city centre is fairly touristy, so I decided to set myself up in San Telmo, the artistic quarter of the city. This was the best decision I could have made! Walking the streets until I had blisters, discovering secret market places with vintage craft and toys, some of the best food in all of Argentina and astonishing street art. San Telmo has a quaint and calming vibe, rather then bustling, crazed Business districts. Take a look at the secrets I uncovered…

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La Boca, a tiny little town outside of the city centre is often depicted in photos of Argentina but leaves tourists asking- Where is that?! Well get on a local bike tour of the city and discover it for yourself!!!! This place is AMAZING! The colour, art and music streaming through the little streets of this neighbourhood is surreal. Add this to your ‘Argentina Bucket List’!!

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Seriously, this was the funniest, craziest day of our life. The worst weather we have EVER seen, trying to kayak down the river getting soaked, flooded, frozen and yelled at by locals. It was a joke from the start to finish, and that is why it was the best day we had in Argentina. Mate, a South American tea, was another interesting cultural touch to this trip. Tastes like a disgusting green tea, but somehow makes you want more and more every sip! This tour would have been stunning on a calm, clear day… but the fact it was horrible weather just made it even funnier. We ended up in garbage bags and serious colds.

























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