The Secluded Beauty of Holbox Island, Mexico

Holbox Island is located just over an hour by speed boat from the coastal town of Chiquila, Mexico. This easy day trip (or overnight stay) is perfect for those looking for an out of this world experience while staying in the Yucutan Peninsula. The secluded beauty of this Mexican island is like no other, and simply cannot be missed when visiting the Yucatan.

Isla Holbox (pronounced holl-bosh), is very under-promoted, meaning it is fairly quiet and a perfect escape for those looking to relax beach side without the crowds.


Getting there:

Many tour companies will take you to Holbox from both Playa Del Carmen and Cancun, so it is a good way of doing it cheaper than completely yourself (speed boat rentals can be costly).
If you are opting for a tour, make sure you get one that spends at least 3-4 hours on the island itself, rather than splitting it up with other islands (trust me, the others such as the island of birds is nothing to fuss over).
For those looking to do a DIY trip, all you need to do it get to Chiquila port, from there you can get a ferry very easily to and from Holbox or go all out and rent a private speed boat.

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What to do on Holbox:

The best thing about the little island town is that it has no cars. You can get a bike, or even better, a golf buggy!
Drive/cycle through the town and take in the beautiful coloured buildings. The island is very cheap in comparison to the mainland, so pick yourself up some handicrafts.

IMG_20160424_200236 IMG_20160424_200128


As soon as you reach the main beach, you will be blown away. Seek out one of the many hammocks on the beach and swing all your worries away.
The beach has many activities too, including stand up paddle boarding, snorkelling, paragliding and skim-boarding. Take your pick or just lay in the shallow water and relax.


When your feeling peckish, grab yourself some local cuisine. The seafood here is always fresh and flavourful.
Cocktails in coconuts are a must, when else can you say you had a pina colada on a deserted island?!

Holbox is also famous for its wildlife. The whale shark season spans from June to September and you can also see an island full of pink flamingos (Isla Passion). Check your season, but these are definitely worth checking out!

dreamstime_xxl_21109097 Whale-Shark-iStock_000019322597XLarge

By far, the best thing about this place is it’s simplistic beauty. The charming little township, the extravagant white beaches and bluest water you could imagine, stretching for miles.
Isla Holbox is fast going to become the new Bora Bora- with large resorts buying up land space in recent years, so get in quick!

IMG_20160424_200343  holbox

Where to stay on Holbox:

Although I stayed in Playa Del Carmen and opted for a day trip, there are lots of cute and cheerful lodges on Holbox.

Many people highly recommend the Tribu Hostel and backpackers, or for those looking for a luxe experience, head over to the Casa Sandra.

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