4 Ways to Save Money When Moving Abroad

If you are considering moving to another country, it can be extremely costly. After doing the long-haul move 3 times now, I have picked up some great money saving tips for those who have a tighter budget. The following random points have helped me to save over $1,000 each move, so it is worth noting!


Share Housing

When you first move cities, it is incredibly hard to know the ins and outs of the neighbourhoods. The best tip I have for anybody willing to move across the globe is to start with a share house. Even if you are not a social butterfly, it is important to understand that you don’t have the local knowledge. Reduce your risk of paying large deposits for a solo apartment by share housing on first arrival, then take your time to find your dream home. For those who don’t know what ‘share housing’ is, it refers to sharing a house with 2-6 other people, paying just for your room and bills. If you opt for a small single room, in a house of 4-6 other people, you can pay almost 40% less than the usual rate for a one bedroom apartment. You can then explore the neighbourhoods, meet some new people and also pay a smaller share of bond/fees- risk free.


Vacuum Bags

These babies have saved me copious amounts of money on initial bedding expenses. Few people realise that when you move away, you need to buy things like duvets, towels, sheets and pillows. Vacuum bags remove the air from a giant zip-lock-style bag, which you can fit HUGE amounts of clothing or bedding in, reducing it to the width of about 2cm! You can then fold this and store it in a suitcase! Check baggage rates, but for me, it was much cheaper to add another bag to my flight ($30) than buy all of these brand new! Do the same for big puffy jackets, clothes and bags too- you will fit double the amount in your suitcase (but make sure the weight isn’t over- or add extra!)

Fully Furnished Rooms

I ALWAYS choose to live in a fully furnished apartment on first move. Flying off to a far away land may sound great, until you are out of pocket $5,000 for tables, chairs, a bed, closet and dinnerware! Rent an apartment with all of this included, you will only pay about 10% more for the rooms and it saves you ridiculous amount of money.

Long-term Travel Cards

If you are living in a big city, such as London or Paris, you will more than likely be using public transport day to day. It can get very expensive to buy your ticket every day, so always buy a monthly travel card. Some cities also include other benefits, such as coffee discounts at starbucks, cheap entry to museums or even free transit days. Many major cities also offer tourist travel cards which may be $2-$5 more expensive, but include hundreds of benefits that the resident travel cards don’t have. In London, I save about $100 a month using my travel card over day to day purchasing… well worth it!


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