Why I prefer Travelling in Pairs

There seems to be a buzz about these days with ‘Travelling Solo’ and it’s benefits. I must say- I have travelled solo, in groups, in pairs, with my family, with my partner, with a small group- I have done it all! Solo is by far my least favourite. Coming from a travel blogger- you may wonder how and why!? Well simple- I like sharing my experiences as they happen, not holding them in to tell somebody down the track.

Travelling solo brings loneliness- no matter who the traveller is, how happy they are to be by themselves or meet new people on the road- there is always some point that you want to turn to somebody you know and say “WOW LOOK AT THAT!”. Solo travel can be amazing as there are no constraints on time or motivations- no disruptions… but my experience of travelling solo in Europe for six months brought me to the realisation that any experience is better when you get to share it as it happens. In florence, I was alone and seeing some of the most amazing buildings and sights i have EVER seen. I had nobody to turn to and say “omg look at that!”or “take a photo of me with this!”. I felt like I could be targeted by a thief or loose my bearings- with no phone or way of contacting anybody I knew. It was scary and lonely to realise that nobody will ever feel how I did that day seeing a city thousands of years in the making. Nobody to look back on it and laugh at how I fell over or was yelled at by the bus driver…

Don’t get me wrong… you must pick your travel partner right. I have had bad experiences in groups or pairs when you do not get along with your travel buddy and it dampens the whole adventure! I do however, know myself and I think the only way you will learn is to try things out- you could be surprised at how close you get to somebody you once called an ‘acquaintance’.

Being alone can be scary. You are in a big city, there are language barriers, you don’t know your way around… when you are with somebody you know, you instantly feel safer. Pairs is by FAR my favourite travel combo- especially with my best friend Amy of partner Brendan. I know I can trust these two, we have similar tastes and want the same adventures from our travel- plus I am happy to compromise (but lets be honest- i organise the whole thing for them :P). Travelling in a dynamic duo allows you to create memories WITH someone, strengthen your bonds and even if you fight- you can look back on that as a turning point in the relationship. My experiences with travelling has led me down many paths, but honestly the best memories are those with a person I can turn to any day of the week and say “Remember when we almost missed that flight to Malta and ran for an hour through the airport to get the passport stamps?”. Good times are always best shared with others 🙂

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