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So you’re heading to Western Australia. It is a huge state, the same size as Western Europe in fact, so it can be hard to decide where to stay, what to do and where to eat. Growing up in Perth, I think it is fair to say I have done my share of roaming, so hereby I give you my ultimate guide to the fabulous city and surrounds!

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Where to stay?

Personally, I am not a fan of city center stays, especially when the coast  is so magnificent.

Perth is famous for it’s beaches, so opt for a funky apartment or rental in the Scarborough Beach, Cottesloe or Trigg. I highly suggest using Air BnB to find your ideal stay, somewhere close to a train line (public transport is very good in Perth) and of course- walking distance to the beach!

Why not the City center? Perth is a tiny city, everything is within 40 minute drive,  so you don’t need to be central. Everything we have to offer pretty much skirts the city, so place yourself somewhere desirable, rather than central!

Why not try this cute apartment in Scarborough?


Where to Eat?

The Perth Cafe culture is thriving, it’s unique vibe and health food scene are a fantastic change from takeaways. The perfect neighborhoods to visit: Fremantle Harbour Walk (Bathers Beach, the Boardwalk and South Terrace), Subiaco (Rokeby Road) and Mount Lawley (Beaufort Street). All these areas you can find qwerky restaurants, great meals and an insight into the Australian modern food scene.


Where to Drink?

Head into the city center to quench your thirst. Similar to the cafe culture is the small bar scene. Perth is ranking highly in the Bar culture, with some of the best themed bars, hidden spots and roof top getaways on earth. I recommend hitting up a Perth Small Bar tour to get your footing, choose your favourite and stay for more! Check out my review here on Two Feet and a Heartbeat Perth. 

My favourite: Canton Bar, Hay St. Perth City

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What to Do?

Well aren’t you spoilt for choice! Sun, sand, sea.. hiking, adventure, forest… Perth has it all. Perth locals are synonymous for knowing very little about what there is to do in Perth (lazy Aussies!) but trust me, once you discover it’s secrets you will never want to leave.

First stop: The beaches. I mentioned earlier that Scarborough, Cottesloe and Trigg are great spots to base yourself, so start with those, even try a mini coast camping trip, pitch a tent on a random beach (try not to get caught!) or head south towards our South West surfing region.

For  a fun day trip? Penguin Island, Rockingham- a little island getaway to have a decent walk, tan on the beach or even get to know the native wildlife (the Fairy Penguins!)

For a weekend extensions? Rottnest Island. This is a tropical paradise, family getaway, couples retreat, adventure island.. whatever you want it to be. Simply MUST DO.

For an Adventure? Why not try speed boating in Fremantle Harbour, surfing on the many beaches or abseiling in Kalbarri National Park?

What next? I sincerely recommend heading into the North West region of W.A. Coral Bay in particular is my favourite place in Australia, so make sure you add this to your Great Oz Adventure.

Need more tips on Perth? Read here! 

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  1. I’ve been trying to decide whether a trip over that way is worth the crazy price tag (coming from Melbourne) but I think you just convinced me!

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