Packing Hacks You Need to Know!


Packing is always stressful… Did you bring the right things? Will it weigh too much? I am here to help, with my 7 favourite ways to stay organised on your next big adventure!

Use kids toy organisers.

When I thought of this I literally thought I was a genius, turns out there are legit brands who have proper suitcase shelving- BUT you can DIY for $4..

Simply hang the organiser up, fold and place all clothes into the racks and then collapse into your luggage. When you arrive at your hotel, simply hang it back up and you have an instant closet- folded and neat! Saves so much room and you never have to repack!


Use a sunglass case to store cords and jewellery

You will never be tangled in those cords again and your jewels are safe and tidy


Know how to pack a big floppy hat and not crease it.

It is actually pretty easy- you can roll up one or two shirts (which saves creasing of them too!) and place in the hat pocket, then lay this on the bottom and surround with other clothes, safe and sound!


Photo and idea: A pair and a spare

Shoe pockets are the best space saver

You know those big side pockets? Use them for shoes!


Have a case for everything- especially your valuables

I am big on having a decent carry case for things, even if it is a snap lock bag- you will know it is safer and won’t get mixed up or damages. Have a look at these great ideas I found on pinterest!

6 7

Always bring tissues. Always.

Budapest, Greece, Thailand, India- most places won’t have free toilet paper or anything to wipe down your seats with in public loo’s- these will be your best friend.


Pack basic

Black, denim, nautical. Don’t go OTT with shirts and jumpers with big images on them, they won’t look good in pictures plus don’t match as easily. Packing light is about packing basic!


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  1. Love this so much! I’m planning a trip to Paris at the end of the year so although I don’t have kids, this is still definitely sometime I can do for my boyfriend and I!
    & thanks for following, will be following back right now!


  2. Amazing packing hacks. Packing is always stressful, indeed. I am going to visit Africa next month. I was looking for more information how to pack my luggage more efficiently. I am going to follow your advices. Thank you for sharing them. I love this one for shoe pockets! Best regards!

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