North West Australia- What To See and Do

With a little help from Australia’s number on backpackers booking and tour agency- Peterpans Travel, I recently returned from a 7 day exploration to the North West of Australia. The North West holds great beauty- the Ningaloo Reef sanctuary, white sandy beaches and hike trails to secret lagoons. Western Australia is rapidly becoming my favourite place on earth.


Ningaloo Reef Sanctuary & Coral Bay

Ever wanted to swim with turtles, manta rays, thousands of colourful fish and possibly a (harmless) shark? Well Ningaloo Reef is your dreamland. Like something from a movie, the reef is full of colour, dancing fish, crystal clear water and so many places to dive. Coral Bay, my favourite West Coast beach area, is the perfect spot. The Adventure Tours Western Exposure Perth to Exmouth tour will get you here and you will never regret it. Personally, this place is better than the Great Barrier Reef- there is so much more life!!! Have a look at my blog on the Manta Ray Marine Adventure for more info on how to go for a day dive and swim with these beautiful beasts.


Kalbarri National Park

Four hours or so from Perth lies Kalbarri National Park- the perfect place to hike, explore the outback and see some real Aussie landscapes. Kalbarri Gorge has some pretty tough hike trails, the Z-bend River trail being the hardest (but best!). Get out there, bring at LEAST 2L of water, a hat and sunscreen and go wild- literally!

Natures Window is also a must see while in the park, with a breathtaking view and great photo opportunity, the walk is very short and easy.

The best part- Kalbarri Abseil. Now the #1 on Trip advisor for the Kalbarri region- you will have two chances to literally walk backwards off a cliff- but trust me, you are safe and it is a memory you won’t forget!

IMG_0611 IMG_0663

IMG_5472 IMG_0610


The first choice of any beach bum or fisherman, Exmouth is a little isolated but well worth the trip. The Adventure Tours WA Trips will get you here with a two night stay, you can snorkel the shallow reef, lie on the beach or relax in the campsite that has a real Australian Outback feel- with Kangaroos and Emu’s too!

Turquoise Bay is the best of the many beaches that can be found off Exmouth, with warm waters, a fringing reef only about 20m offshore and picture perfect white sand, you won’t want to leave. Tip: Bring yourself some form of shade, even a small esky or frozen water- it gets upwards of 45 degrees Celsius up on the beaches, with no shops in site!



Monkey Mia Dolphin Sanctuary

Any avid dolphin lover will be in PARADISE in Monkey Mia! A small resort style beach area, you must pay entry and be warned, summer will have flocks of people- so get down early (about 7.30am) for the first feedings. About 30 dolphins reside in the bay, in which we were lucky enough to see 12 of! Feedings take place in the morning and if you’re lucky enough (like me!) you will get to feed these beauties. If not- sit back, relax and take in the pretty coast line and watch the dolphin’s frolic in the shallows!

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Hit up Peterpans for quick and easy bookings including all accommodation, transport and tours on:

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Adventure Tours Australia has NAILED their itinerary, with great guides and prices, you won’t even have to think, just wake up each morning!

Adventure Tours Australia: Perth to Exmouth 7 Day Return

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3 Replies to “North West Australia- What To See and Do”

  1. Thanks for this! I moved to Australia last year, and in researching for planning travels this year, WA seems to always get left out! Looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Hey! Wow your blog is amazing!

    I love all your photos! I have travelled almost all of Australia EXCEPT the West Coast! Guess I am leaving the best for last!

    What was your favourite part of the West Coast and someone I have to make sure I visit when I go to the West Soon?

    Would love your advice and tips!


    1. Hi Sally!!! You simply HAVE to go to Coral Bay, my FAVOURITE place in WA!!!! Rottnest Island is also magical over summer!!

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