My Mexican Holiday Packing List

The sunshine drenched shores of the Yucatan peninsula draw millions of visitors a year, all of who are seeking the long, hot days and beautiful Mayan bays.

Packing for my 2 week getaway to Mexico was not a simple task, with only 15kg luggage allowance and no confirmed itinerary at hand. Nevertheless, I was able to successfully dress myself (rather stylishly I hope!) for my vacay. So what would I recommend (nay, demand) you take?

1. A Cute Backpack

Not only super useful, but also incredibly chic, a backpack such as this one from Chi Chi Clothing (£34.99) is ideal for those day trips, bike rides and hikes you will surely be taking.

Photo credit: Cantimplora Travel

2. A Colourful Travel Wallet

My newest obsession is this adorable Busy B Travel Wallet, (£24.99) which fits both of my passports, documents, cash and ID’s. I love the fun, bright colour which is easy to find as I rummage through my hand luggage.


3. Sunscreen & Tanning Oils

You don’t want to waste that time in the sun, but you also don’t want third degree burns. Opt for at least a factor 20 SPF to reduce burn and long term skin damage. I love coconut tanning oil which I apply over my SPF 30 to add a bronzed glow while I walk around in my skimpy bikini!


4. Sundresses for Days

No Mexican holiday is complete without a cute sundress (or 4). Opt for bright bold colours, geometric patters or florals to match the mood.

5. A Great Hat

Not just great for reducing burn, a luxe floppy hat can make you look great, feel great, and is always super photogenic.


6. Comfy Shoes

The one thing about Mexican holidays that you should remember is there is a LOT of walking. Whether it be climbing Mayan pyramids or hiking to a cenote, you will need your feet blist-free. My trusty but rusty converse are my top pick, but a pair of sturdy sandals or runners is also ideal. Mix and match with outfits, but never underestimate the length of your walks!

7. An Interesting Book

My book of choice this trip was The Lacuna, a great read about a young man who lived with Frida Kahlo, the most famous Mexican artist of all time (very fitting). Follow Harrison as he lived and travelled through Mexico in the 30s.


8. A Lunchbox

Yes you heard me correctly! The best thing to bring on a trip where you will be out and about a lot is a lunch box or sealable bag. You can bring some fruit or even sandwhich from the breakfast buffet with you- not only to save money but also in case the rural areas don’t have any restaurants.
It will also help you keep on top of your diet- pack healthy snacks instead of binging on ice cream at every stop.

9. Camera Gear & Tripod

A simple MUST have. In this day and age there is no excuse to not own a decent camera, whether it be a smartphone or DSL. I chose to bring a GoPro this trip for all that underwater-shooting-goodness. A tripod is another tech savour, you can set up those selfies perfectly and capture quality images much easier (no shaky hands!).


10. Mosquito Repellant

These little buggers can really damper a tanning session. Bites in Mexico can also carry some pretty nasty illness with them, so just keep yourself protected and you won’t have a worry.

Have I missed anything? Let me know below!

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