Mona Lisa Smile: The Hotel Da Vinci, Paris Review

History and architecture is a part of Parisian heritage. The Hotel Da Vinci, located in the picturesque Saint Germain district, is one of a kind and a true luxury boutique hotel.

The Low-Down

The story behind the privately owned Da Vinci is rather unique. In 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen and kept in this very hotel! Adding to the interesting personality of the rooms, the story is mimicked in all the accents of the Da Vinci, including the themed rooms, art work and furnishings.


The Da Vinci is situated in one of the best parts of Paris- Saint Germain. Located just two minutes from the Louvre, the setting adds to the atmosphere and beauty of the hotel. Take a walk down the promenade, get lost in the beautiful and chic neighbourhood and don’t forget to finish the day with an Espresso at the Cafe Da Vinci next door!

The Experience

The Hotel Da Vinci brings you elegance and enlightenment all in one place. This hotel is true to the term ’boutique’ as is only houses 24 rooms and is extremely private. The personalised touch upon entry, the intimate breakfast setting and patio, along with the cosy, comfortable rooms is completely in balance.

Saint Germain is the ideal location to see the true Parisian lifestyle. Wonderful cafes, boutiques and restaurants line the streets and the Louvre, Notre Dame and Gallery Lafayette are all within walking distance.

 IMG_20150726_102703 SAMSUNG CSC

The Rooms

On arrival, I was warmly greeted and welcomed to room 401, the Michelangelo. True to its name, the Michelangelo room was designed to perfection. It had all the elements you could desire, a small balcony setting, clean and modern bathroom equipped with elegant finishing and a dominant king size bed.

IMG_20150727_112516 SAMSUNG CSC


The highlight of the Hotel Da Vinci is the underground plunge pool. A very rare sight in Paris, the unique, private area is perfectly tailored for a relaxing break in the big city. Heated year round, the steamy room gives guests the escape needed after a long day of exploring.

      IMG_20150726_192552 Paris (11)

Stay here if:

You are looking for a quaint, quiet getaway from bustling Paris.

Intensely detailed, the Hotel Da Vinci is perfect for fine art lovers or history buffs looking to expand their knowledge on Parisian life and the Saint Germain area.


Room rates vary year round, however start at just 200-400 euro per night (off peak).

For more information or to book direct, see :

Global Roaming was a guest at The Hotel Da Vinci, however all images and opinions are my own.

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