Malta- The Country That Fought and Won

The Maltese are strong, independent people who have been through more heartache in their long history than any other European country.

Maltese rule has been handed through multiple kingdoms over the centuries, with Roman, Spanish, Italian,  French and the British all gaining dominance throughout its history. These cultural influences are prominent through the streets, with Italian cuisine, large French boulevards and Spanish architecture, the place is very unique.

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The capital- Valetta, is the location of St Elmo fortress, a bunker during the many wars that saw this country be seized. Through it all the Maltese culture has grown and defined itself with world renowned seafood dishes, stunning seaside towns and pretty little harbors dotting the coast.

If your ever stuck for something to do in Malta- grab a tram ticket and do a hop on hop off tour of each seaside town yourself, you will discover so much beauty roaming the streets, eating the food and shopping through the many market stalls.

A simple MUST do is a trip over to Gozo Island, where crystal clear waters and rocky outcrops await you to explore them!

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