Lucca- The Fortified City

conocer chicas bar Lucca, an ancient city located in central Italy, is home to some of the greatest Italian history, food and sites a traveler could indulge in. My family heritage is partly the reason I headed through Lucca on my Euro trip, as my great great Grandfather and generations prior were born and raised in this little commune. My Aunt had even sent me pictures of Gravestones with the ‘Pedreschi’ name on them- it excited me that I could dive so deeply into my families past! lucca (19)  3750987

conversaciones en ingles para conocer personas Lucca is adorable. With cultural influences of the French, Italians, Germans and Irish… it really is unique. The cobbled street, French style café’s and grand clock tower in the heart of the city make a maze of sites that must be explores. The grand Piazza Anfiteatro and Basilica di San Frediano are by far the most famous… and you can see why! The colour, texture and architecture of this central hub is gob-smacking. lucca (21)  Lucca-mura Lucca is most noted for the city wall originally creating a fortress from enemies. These walls are still intact, hundreds of years after construction (although modernised) and you can see children playing, couples relaxing and tourists taking in the beauty of their height throughout the town. The walls are now used as a walkway and each side is lined with different tree species- just to make things interesting.

Why should you head to Lucca?

  • It will calm you from the hectic metropolitan cities like Paris and Athens.
  • You will have some of the BEST Italian food in the world
  • The leather goods are renowned for their quality- I got the CUTEST clutch!
  • It is the birthplace of the best musicians in the world- including Puccini. The classical sounds are still ringing through the streets!


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