Five London Attractions Not To Miss

shrek adventure london

London is full of exciting exhibits and attractions that tempt tourists all year long. Any quintessential UK vacation has to include some history, great views and of course, a lot of fun. To get the ball rolling on your next trip, these five London attractions are not to miss, and will add a unique way to experience the city deeper. What makes these attractions perfect to hit up side-by-side is that you can grab a ‘London Attractions’ cluster ticket for 4 of these attractions from £55 – a real bargain!  

London Attractions

The London Eye

The Coca-Cola London Eye has become an iconic figure of the skyline since its inception in December 1999, when it was gifted for the 2000 Millennium. The capsules carry passengers up to one of the most unforgettable views over London and the Thames river. Each rotation takes 30 minutes, which is the perfect time to take in the panoramic view over Big Ben, The Shard and Southbank. On sunny days, you can see up to 40km – one of the best in London. For those who get a little motion sick, or are afraid of heights, don’t worry- the capsules are large enough that you feel safe and well protected throughout the whole ride.

London Eye London Eye

London Eye London Eye

Dreamworks Tour Shrek’s Adventure! London

Honestly, I did not expect to have as much fun on Shrek’s Adventure as I did! You are taken on Donkey’s red bus with a full 4D experience, crash landing into the enchanted forest. Setting out on an hour long quest to beat Rumpelstiltskin’s evil plan, you are led through a number of different film scenes and meet your favourite characters. What’s better is that at the end of the trip, you are let into a chamber full of familiar faces (Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar penguins and many more!) for some photo time. A lot of fun for all ages (especially those like me who love Shrek!).

Shreks Adventure London

Shreks Adventure London Shreks Adventure London

Madame Tussauds

Thought you would never be allowed to snap a selfie with Kim K? Well the wax museum is the place to see all the celebs at their finest (fake versions anyway!). Madame Tussauds has become a household name in the attractions industry, and for good reason. The sets are all up to date and there are always new additions. Not only do you see the wax figures, but the tour includes a roller-coaster style ride through London’s history, a 4D cinema experience and stage shows. For some really funny tourist photos and a great laugh, it is a must.

Madame Tussauds London

Madame Tussauds London Kim Karadashian Madame Tussauds London Kim Karadashian Madame Tussauds London George

The SEA LIFE London Aquarium

The SEA LIFE Aquarium of London is one of the best in Europe. The Aquarium has kept up with technology and has everything you can expect. Although busy in peak season, you never fail to get a photo with your favourite marine life and there is plenty of viewing areas to go around. There are talks and feeding sessions all day long, so you will definitely see the animals active during your visit.

SEA LIFE aquarium London SEA LIFE aquarium London

SEA LIFE aquarium London SEA LIFE aquarium London

London Dungeon

Although a little over-the-top, the dungeon is a history lesson mixed in with a gruesome adventure. The initial boat ride through pitch black tunnels underneath the city walls is a great start, although it does take over 90 minutes to get through the whole tour and there is a lot of shuffling through crowded walkways. Don’t expect to be running for the hills, the scare-factor is very PG rated, which is perfect for families and youngsters. It is also conveniently located by the London Eye!

London Dungeons Judge Portrait 970A9889 - Plague Doctor

Image source: Merlin Entertainment

If you are looking for the ultimate London experience and want to add a little fun on top of the standard sight-seeing experience, you should definitely add these experiences to your bucket list.

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A special thank you to Merlin Entertainment for providing me the London Attractions pass. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

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