What I learnt in my 2015 travels

2015 was a big year for me. My Blog reached new heights, I left Australia and travelled through over 15 countries in Europe, plus I moved to Germany! With so much going on in such a short time, I definitely learnt some major lessons and it only seems fair to be sharing those with you all, even the bad times!


Go for it, don’t let anyone hold you back

I was left in a bit of a confused state back in April, I had no idea what I wanted but I knew full-time work wasn’t it.  I was on $65,000 AUD, working 40-50 hours a week and although I loved my job, I had hit my pinnacle at just 22. I had my best friend bail on our epic Euro-trip, and a boyfriend who just wasn’t into the whole travel thing. I was lost. I was being held back from being my true self by those around me and I wouldn’t accept the fact I wasn’t truly happy. I needed a change. When everything blew up and I split with my ex, 2 weeks before our one-way trip to Europe, I was beyond stressed, but the fact of the matter is- I was free. I no longer held myself back and from there on in, things got much, much better.

free and single

Single is better in your 20’s

I was in love. I really was. I had a great life, a great guy, we had money and we had each other. But the reality of that is we were hermits. I stayed in on weekends because a movie sounded better than getting dolled up and hitting the town spending all that hard earned cash. I let myself slip into a boring life of a 30-something housewife. The one thing I learnt is that being single, just for a few years of your mid twenties, is vital. You cannot know who you really are without being alone and making selfish decisions- especially when travelling.

Greek (56)

Everyone needs to live abroad at least once in their life

This is my biggest revelation from 2015. I had travelled solo when I was 18, living in Dublin and working for little to no money. It wasn’t until I did it all again this past year that I saw how much it separated me from other people (in a good way). I am a lot more mature than many travellers my age, I know how to use train and bus systems like a pro, I can handle my own taxes and book my own flights. I am a ‘grown up’ and all of that came from having no other choice but to learn. The best thing- I can budget like a granny on the pension and live off next to nothing!


Material things don’t mean sh**t

Living out of a suitcase means that you own very few material things. Standard singlet-and-jeans combo pretty much rules your wardrobe style and you can’t afford (not only financially, but also space-wise) to have large material things like buckets of jewellery and 10 pairs of heels. It just isn’t viable. You learn that life is just dandy without them!


What have you learnt from travelling this past year? I would love to hear from you!


11 Replies to “What I learnt in my 2015 travels”

  1. this is a great list, so raw and honest! followed your journey almost from the start, all I have left to say is: well done! one of my favourite travel blogs! 🙂 have a lovely day, *waving* from austria!

  2. This makes me like you even more as a person. Glad I got the chance to meet you while I was experiencing the world for myself. Glad you are still living the life of a–global roamer. Have fun, good luck, and keep posting!

  3. Wow I absolutely loved this post! Thanks for sharing!

    I dated a (wonderful) guy for years and was in somewhat of a similar situation… turned into a housewife with a “househusband” that truly didn’t understand what it meant to travel (nor did he want to!). I will never forget the time we went to Italy and he came back saying “we could have done a lot of the same stuff in California”… (whaaaaaat!?) And I ended up feeling the same as you, 20s are the best time to be single! Especially when you are traveling (or getting ready to travel in my case).

    Keep it up and I look forward to reading more of your incredible posts!

  4. This is truly inspiring! Thank you so much for writing this- I really struggle because I know my dream is ultimately to live abroad but there seem to be so many opportunities in england. It’s really re-assuring to read something where you’re being pushed to take the leap!

    1. Hi Rashina!
      You sound like a well travelled woman! Stay strong and live your dreams, the worst thing that can happen is that you have to come home! No regrets right? 🙂

  5. I have never related to someone so much in my life until a friend sent me a link to one of your blog posts… I now read everything I can every day when I am at work.
    I love your outlook and life and every post is soo full of information and handy tips, etc. This year will be my 4th year in a row to Europe so I will be taking a lot of your posts into consideration this time round! Thank you 😀

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