Kotor, Montenegro- You Have Stolen My Heart

An unexpected night in Montenegro has since left a big impression. Kotor, a lakeside town on the west coast of the country is one of the biggest kept secrets within Europe. Kotor boasts clear blue water, deep green mountains and a spectacular contrast between city and countryside. It is everything you could want. The food is cheap, the drinks are even cheaper and the location is perfect- so why wouldn’t you add it to your bucket list?!


Staying at the small but ideally located Hostel 4 u, I was surprised to have an air-conditioned, clean room with plenty of storage lockers and bathroom space, plus a view over the lakes and nearby jetty. Jumping straight into the refreshing water, you could see that everyone around you was at peace. It is a place that brings happiness to the saddest of souls.


With some great restaurants down by the main lake, a sunset dinner with a view is a must. Watch the little boats bop on the calm waters and enjoy the seafood buffets or delicious Pizzas.

The old town in the north of the village is the best part. We didn’t even know it existed until a small group of us were taken on a bar hopping tour and were winding our way through the cobbled streets, ancient stone buildings and tiny little doorways. There is something magical about places like this, where so little has changed in thousands of years. The beauty is indescribable.

An early morning hike to the top of the fortress overlooking the town is also a must-do. Opt for a 7am start to beat the heat and catch a glimpse of the sun rising over the mountain ranges.

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Kotor, I left a piece of my heart with you on July 12th 2015. Until next time, keep it safe!

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