Irish Daydreams in Kilkenny & Wicklow

If you’re looking for something to during a stay in Dublin, I highly suggest heading on a day tour to the Wicklow Mountains, Glendalough and Kilkenny. Run by Wild Rover Tours, this is the ultimate experience of the ancient and beautiful Irish heritage.


After being picked up in Dublin early morning, you make your way to Kilkenny where you can take in the grand Kilkenny Castle, explore the cobbled streets and even grab a beer.

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After Lunch, we headed through country Carlow and into the Wicklow mountains. The scenery, the fresh air and the hilarious tour guides made this whole thing unforgettable. The Monastic City is known for its graveyard ruins, dating as far back as 600 AD! Have you ever heard the term “Ireland, land of Saints and Scholars”? this is why! Saint Kevin founded his monastery in Glendalough valley and today much of the ancient architecture remains for people to admire!

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Next we were able to stretch our legs and see Wicklow’s ultimate beauty- the two lakes. Glendalough Lake hike takes around 3 hours from the lower lake base to the upper lake. The views, tracks and feeling you have is indescribable!

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Arriving back in Dublin city around 6pm, you are left drained from a full day of excitement, but empowered with ancient history, Irish culture and of course- a camera full of amazing pics!

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