How to Score the Best Prices on Flights


Booking flights. What a pain in the butt. It can be exhausting, time consuming and rather frustrating- so knowing where to go and when to buy is a simple necessity for any traveller.

I highly recommend doing it yourself, agencies make you pay ridiculous fee’s for something that can be very simple. Nowadays in the world of technology- it can be very easy to get confused with what sites to try, with a million offering pretty much the same thing.

The best steps to follow (in my opinion) are listed below- happy flight finding roamers!!!

1. Hit a search engine (but don’t use it to book!)

I suggest and, type in a start and finish point, choose your date and hit go- they will automatically find you the ‘best’ deals around. But wait… there’s more too it then that!

These engines will still usually overcharge you compared to going direct…

 What times best suit your travel? are there stopovers? Trust me- the less stopover the better!



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2. Write down the three cheapest/

most suitable finds from your search engine

ie. : Air Asia- Jan 28, 2am arrive in Phuket Jan 28 5pm- $400

        Web Jet- Jan 28, 11pm, arrive in Phuket Jan 29 4am- $500

        Singapore Airways- Jan 28, 5pm arrive in Phuket Jan 28 10pm- $550

Make sure your dates match and stopovers aren’t too long! some are 35 hrs++!!!


3. Go direct.

Type in the airline company to your google bar and type the same dates and times into their personal engines- make sure when you look at pricing you move the whole way through to adding baggage and food- prices WILL be higher as you move along so be as accurate as possible so you don’t get stung.

4. Stopover checks.

I do this very often- I check where these flights are having stopovers and see if I can find a cheaper ongoing flight then the one they offer- ie. Perth to Paris stops in Singapore. I search for the cheapest Perth to Singapore flight, check out, check back in and go onward with a cheaper Singapore-Paris. Searching for those deals may take longer BUT you will find cheaper flights. You will also be able to navigate your stopover times, see if you want to spend a day there etc without being forced into a specified time frame. I recently purchased a one way ticket -Perth to Paris for just $600 instead of the usual $1100 using this method and my stopover is just 4 hour, instead of the search engines option of 8!

Usually this system will leave you about $100 less than a search engine would

5. Know Your Times

Book when flights are cheap- this infograph will help!!!


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