How I Realised Australia is VERY Cultural

Born and raised in Australia, I always thought that we lacked in a strong cultural image. I was very wrong. Since moving over to Germany, I have come to realise that we Australians are incredibly cultural. Some of the things I took as ‘just normal’ are in fact, very unique. So what have I uncovered?


Australian has its own language

Do you know how many times I have been asked “What are you talking about?” or just had a blank stare back at me after asking a simple question. This is due to the fact us Australians do in fact, speak Australian. “Yeh, nah” does NOT make sense in other countries, but for some reason, it is so normal for us.

Watch this video for a full understanding of the Australian language (p.s I love these guys!)

Going to the beach is culturally significant

Just as snow days are for Europe, we have our beach days. Something I always have taken for granted is that I could just pop down to the beach for a swim and tanning session. Well (SHOCKER) this is not NORMAL to most people. Most of the world does not have simple pleasures like this and it defines the Australian culture. Running across the burning hot sand, playing beach cricket and those distinct white zincy noses are all used in marketing campaigns across the world to define the nation.


Christmas has its own style

Snow, Santa and a pine tree are all Christmas icons- but we have our own. The board short Santa, the sand snowman, the cracking of an icy beer on the beach- this is a strong cultural day of the year for Australians and we do not even realise it. This is a novelty for other countries looking down under- they envy our 40 degree sunny December 25th, again making it very culturally unique.

Flaura and fauna

Those cute little koalas and jumpy kangaroos- again- define our country and are very strong indicators of a distinctive culture. Have you ever thought about Eucalyptus or Tea Tree oil? Incredibly Australian flora that has been used across the globe to cure sickness and increase well being. We have some pretty great natural resources and the world knows about them!


Distinct way of life

Nanna naps, lazy Sunday’s and tanning for hours are not standard in other countries- ever thought about that? Yep, we Aussies are known across the globe for being incredibly lazy- in the best way possible of course. We take life a lot slower than most and honestly we care much, much less about mundane things. Example– in Germany it is standard to wipe/squidgy out your shower after EVERY wash. You must also wipe out the kitchen sink to make sure no water spots are evident. This is normal for them. For us, dishes in the sink until tomorrow comes is pretty much expected. I prefer it the Aussie way if you ask me- life is much too busy to get caught up on the little things!

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  1. It’s funny that sometimes we have to go away to realize how different and special our home country is. It has definitely happened to me a lot! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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