Ever wanted to travel but cannot afford it? Why not travel your home city?


Most of us become complacent with our living situation and stick to the stock standard ‘movie dates’ or shopping visits to fill our weekends- but I am here to tell you that EVERY CITY IN THE WORLD has exciting and fun things to do. Why not act as if you are a tourist. This is what brought forward my idea of Home Roaming…

This summer (in the Southern Hemisphere) I am spending every spare second I have exploring my home town of Perth while I save for my next big adventure. I am excited to announce I have a number of fantastic tour companies lined up supporting this project and cannot wait to share my experiences with you all!

If you have a travel bug like me, don’t feel like you are missing out while you slave away for your next big trip- I want to see what YOU can do where YOU live- just use the hashtag #HomeRoaming and share the beauty of your home! Get involved people, you will be amazed what beauty lies around the corner from you- it is time to appreciate the world we live in!

Let the games begin!

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