Hello Hanoi- 10 Top Tips

1. Head to the night markets

on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday Night on the Old Quarter- they are open 8pm-11pm and you will find the best shopping here! You can even get a Caricature drawn of yourself!


2. Eat the street food

it will amaze you with deliciousness!!!!!!! ‘Pho’ and ‘Bum Cha’ are both amazing and you will literally find them on every single street.

3. Have a Beer with the locals

Hanoi brews its own beer call ‘Bia Hanoi’, it’s amazing! Plus its about 25c per can! The best way is to pull up a stool at any spot you see a ‘Bia Hoi’ sign- this is a locals beer bar.

4. The coffee will delight you

It is sweet, but rich and has a caramel tinge- try it on ice or with sweetened condensed milk. You definiftly feel the French influence here!

5. Halong Bay is a MUST

Do not miss the opportunity to see a wonder of the world for as little as $50!!!!

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6. Go out to dinner to my all time favourite Vietnamese restaurant

 Com Viet Restaurant- Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Try this ridiculously gorgeous rainforest inspired eatery for some fine dining (that will cost you around $20 each!) Get your hotel to call and reserve a table on the second floor for you-amazing little hideout!


7. Go Temple and Pagoda exploring

Make sure you are wearing clothes that cover your shoulders and knees- then go and take in a thousand years if local history as you make your way through the stunning architecture of local worshipping places


8. Get on a Swan Paddle Boat and float across the West Lake!

The West Lake is huge and for just US $3 you can explore the 17km’s of lake by paddle boat! Such a fun little adventure to do on a warm day

9. Tam Coc (three caves, also called the Halong bay on land)

is a short day trip and a great way to see the countryside and some stunning caves if our out can’t head out to Halong Bay!


10. Take a stroll around Hoam Kiem Lake

in the middle of Hanoi, it takes about an hour and is scenic peaceful and full of life!


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  1. Have been waiting for your Vietnam posts 🙂 have noted down all these tips in my planning thanks!
    Definitely going to check out Com Viet Restaurant,

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