Photo Journal: Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

I never thought, after failing to receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter at 11 years old, that I would get to enter the wizarding world. This all changed however, when I ventured to the Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio Tour, London with Tinggly Experiences.

Here are some snapshots from one of the most magical days of my life.

img_20161121_194617 SAMSUNG CSC

After entering the studios, we lined up next to the famous bedroom under the staircase, before sitting down to enter the huge, real-stone Great Hall of Hogwarts. The impressive room is so grand and incredibly realistic. We were lucky enough to be in over the Christmas period – where the table spreads even had flaming puddings!



Next stop, the prop-rooms, complete with the real-life sets of the Gryffindor common room, potions lab and Diagon Alley!

img_20161121_195038 img_20161121_194444


img_20161125_200221 img_20161125_200316

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As you pass through Diagon Alley, you then make your way through Platform 9 3/4! You can go inside the real Hogwarts Express, pretend to be attacked by dementors and eat chocolate frogs!

 img_20161121_194359 SAMSUNG CSC

My favourite area was the huge outdoor stage, where all the items too big for the indoors lay waiting. Try tasting butterbeer in the courtyard (it its like butterscotch soda!), knock on Harry’s front door and even cross through the mystical bridge to Hogwarts.

 SAMSUNG CSC img_20161122_184559


img_20161125_200927 img_20161125_201031

The final (and greatest ending) of the tour was of course, the  Hogwarts Castle. The enormous scale model of the grounds that Harry and the gang lived, laughed and battled for all those years, was truly breathtaking. Something I will never forget. On your way out, be sure to pick out your wand!

img_20161125_200110 img_20161120_131929


img_20161120_131341 img_20161125_195957

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  1. That looks soooo awesome! I am going to visit the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando next year, but I also really want to see this one in London 😛 You really get to take a wand with you home..? :O

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