Ghostly Sights in Freaky Fremantle

Ever wanted to have a real freaky Friday?

Being a bit of a creep myself I loved the idea of trying to find ghosts and hear gruesome stories all night so I was pretty excited to explore some of Perth’s oldest buildings with Fremantle Tram Tours. Every Friday, Freo Trams offer the ultimate creepy, frightening experience for the horror story fanatics.

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Being the first ‘Home Roaming’ project blog for 2014, I was intrigued to learn more about my home town. Meeting after dark in old Fremantle Town Square, we hopped aboard and met our driver- Ross. First thing is first- this guy was HILARIOUS. Probably the most authentic Aussie I have met in a long time and his stories, history and puns made the tour that much better. The old tram was turned into a dining cart, perfect to enjoy our fish and chip dinner and see everything that beautiful Freo has to offer.

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First stop- The Roundhouse. This old landmark overlooks the Fremantle Harbour and the views are breathtaking. The stories started flowing of prisoners being murdered, scary ghosts in the windows and glowing orbs… I really did have a chill go down my spine. I am a bit of a whimp with these things but the spider webs and dark prisoner cells didn’t help!!!

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Next up was the old Mental Asylum, even the building is creepy but the stories of psychics being chased out by ghosts, suicidal jumps and a skeleton in the window just topped it off.  F.R.E.A.K.E.D – O.U.T!


The final (and best) stop was the Fremantle Prison. The prison was convict built and was an operational jail for some of the biggest murderers in the world all the way up to 1993. We got off the tram, made our way through the prison entry and the final leg of this tour began. Our guide was probably one of the weirdest men I have ever met which didn’t help the situation, I was almost shaking as we made our way through the old cells, yards and hallways of the haunted jail- trust me if you have a heart problem DON’T DO THIS. I almost had a heart attack on several occasions.

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Ending the tour with a laugh, we were ready to head back to the town hall and wrap up the great night. This is one of those tours that you need to do if you want to see (and feel) something different than the average history lesson. If you’re into the paranormal, or even a non-believer, this is for you!

Want to see it for yourself? Tickets are just $80 and include dinner & soft drinks. Book through the Fremantle Trams Website. 

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