Flawless Florence

The Italian dream can only be real if it contains thoughts of Florence! This city is a bustling, winding jungle of terracotta buildings, cobblestone streets and sweet scents. Florence has become a blur to me- it was almost too much to absorb in my two day stopover. A city as big as this needs to be explored thoroughly- not just skimmed. I wish I had this knowledge before I headed into the maze that is- Firenze!

Florence is home to the best art, architecture and cuisine in the world- it is the cultural capitol if Italia! Take it from me- get a nice hotel, plan your days and stay at least three! It is physically impossible to do it all in one!

Before you head off, here are some fantastic ways to inspire your inner Italian.

1. Make a Date with a Guy Named David.

Okay, so he may not be real- but boy is he handsome! Take at least an hour to see the real deal, or for those with less time (or want to kill two birds with one stone) head up to the Piazzele Michelangelo- a shrine to the artist that created the Statue of David- and take in the best views in Italy.

.  florence (26) florence (22)

2. Revel in the Architectural Genius of the Italians

Seriously, these guys can build! I could walk through Florence for days taking in the tiny details that build this great city. Every turn is something beautiful.

florence (10)

3. Dive into the Italian Cuisine- Carb Counting is OUT!

Sorry health freaks, but your in Italy now. It is all about the Pizza, Pasta and of course… Gelato! Florence is where I fell in love with PISTACHIO ice cream… seriously wow. Oh and the Florentine steak is world famous!

 image - Copy

4. Oh Praise the Churches!

Even for the anti-religious- the churches are a marvel. I am probably the least-religious person out there but even I appreciate the music, atmosphere and architecture that the hundreds of Florentine churches offer.


5. Party with the locals

Whether this means a low-key jazz busker or a huge three story piazza club- Florence is full of the festive spirit. Get your dance shes (preferably flats- cobblestones and stilettos don’t mix..trust me) and get on the dance floor!

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