Falling for Iguazu

Iguaçu (Iguazu) Falls. Found on the border of Brazil and Argentina, the 275 falls crash over the cliffs, crevices and rapids, surrounded by dense rainforest. To date, this has to be my favourite natural sight I have seen. I fell in love. The smell of the mist, the strange wild life, the stunning views. It took my breath away.


We arrived by plane from Buenos Aires (only a one hour flight into the TINY Iguazu airport- This is technically Brazil so make sure you have a visa!!!), then off in a tour bus to the falls. First up, was hiking the Argentina-side, snapping photos and breathing in the dense fog.

Iguazu National Park is indescribable. The only way you can really see the falls for all they are is to get up close…. really close. Speed boat tours run a few times a day and are heart pounding, adrenaline pumping madness. You go directly under the mouth of the biggest fall, the ‘Devils Throat’ , getting soaked and pounded by the water.  We all couldn’t stop laughing and screaming, this is really one for the adrenaline junkies out there.


The boat tours include a safari through the forests, with butterflies and birds in every tree, you begin to understand how important it is to preserve these natural landscapes and appreciate the way the world should look.


Take the helicopter flight. Its incredible and worth every penny. You get to really see the power and enormity of the falls from above. Plus you can check it off your bucket list that you have been in a helicopter!!!!


Iguazu has more to offer then this renowned UNESCO heritage site. The township has a little shopping and restaurant strip that will cure anyone’s cravings. The town is on the Brazillian side of the falls, and you will need a Argentinian visa if you wish to cross both sides, but only a Brazil visa for Iguazu town and airport.

If you want to party.. all I can recommend is the Pirate Bar. Whether your a big drinker or just want a beer, this is the place to be any night of the week in Iguazu. This place is amazing, open late and has great staff… get them to recommend you the best cocktails- there are some delicious ones! We even had flaming shots! Plus drinks are very reasonably priced so why not go nuts!!


Overall, Iguazu is a natural wonder that should be on anyone’s bucket list. I wouldn’t recommend saving your pennies and skimping on the extra adventures here, it just isn’t the same without them!!!

Next blog… how my boyfriend got arrested and delayed our flight to RIO!!!

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