7 Signs You’re Turning Into an Experienced Traveller

Have you travelled a lot in your lifetime? Or spent a few months overseas? Sometimes people underestimate how their travels have effected their lifestyle and knowledge, so why not see how many of my top 7 signs relate to you and see just how much of an experienced traveller you are.

#1 Your friends are asking for your opinion

If you are one of those people, who people tend to ask ‘you’ve been there haven’t you?’, then you know you have impressed them with your travel knowledge somewhere along the line.

#2 Counting destinations doesn’t matter to you

10 countries, 20… it doesn’t matter to you. The experience does.

At first, we all count and get excited about racking up stamps in the passport, but once you move past the count and really strive to create memories and indulging in the culture of these countries, then you know you are really becoming an experienced traveller.


#3 You know to learn the basics

You have been to enough countries to know what you have to before before arriving, learn the key words, customs and laws so that you are prepared for any situation.

#4 You have learnt that itineraries don’t always go to plan

Life isn’t perfect, so there’s no point trying. Be prepared and try your hardest of course, but you are ready to accept when bad things happen, because the more you travel – the more you know it happens all the time!

#5 You have made (big) mistakes

Any traveller who has done the miles knows that the world isn’t the easiest place to navigate. Read my faux pas – I have made way, way too many myself!

#6 You are already thinking about your next adventure

Itchy feet never, ever stop itching!

#7 You have realised how lucky you are

It is a rarity to travel the world. Find it a blessing that you are physically, mentally and financially able to do so – you are a minority on this earth. This isn’t something to boast about to the less fortunate either…

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