How to Experience the Luxury of Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, in particular Dubai, is one of the world’s top luxury destinations. The city has a wealth of places to shop, visit, dine and stay for travellers, with a unique luxurious charm. Dubai can be an overwhelming destination to book, as it has hundreds of fabulous hotels and sites to see – but the following guide will hopefully help you in finding the gems among these.

Travel Tips

Before visiting Dubai, it’s important to ensure that you have a knowledge of what currency they are currently using. The UAE uses the UAE Dirham, which is typically best acquired before entering the country (so in your current city).

Getting there is easy with many international airlines flying into the two main airports – Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum International (DWC).

Emirates is one of the best airlines to fly luxury in the world. The reason for this is that Emirates has truly thought of every aspect of the luxury experience and thought of a way to provide it to their passengers, regardless of the cabin that they are staying in.

If you’re looking for a luxe transit to Dubai, Emirates Business Class is the perfect way to start (and end) your trip. Emirates Business Class is famed for the exclusive extras, such as the chauffeur service in all 55 countries and upscale cocktail bars you can indulge in. Seriously, this airline knocks it out of the ballpark with comfy seats and the best gourmet food from all over the globe.

Where to Stay:

Burj Al Arab
The Burj Al Arab is simply extraordinary. This hotel experience is nothing like you have ever experienced, with butlers on each floor of the hotel catering to every desire, double story suites, impressive views of Dubai and they even provide you with a Rolls Royce to drive through the magical city.

Shangri-La Hotel
The Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai is located in the middle of Dubai’s shopping scene. The hotel is known for it’s impressive décor that oozes style. On top of it’s luxurious pool and stylish suites, there are several famous restaurants such as Shang Palace for Cantonese food and Marrakech for Moroccan cuisine.

Qasar Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara
For guests that are truly looking for the ultimate desert experience, the Qasar Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara is a wonderful choice. Each room in the resort has a view of the desert and lavish furnishings. Within the resort there are at least four different restaurants that specialize in Middle East food as well as a fully equipped spa for relaxation. This is a deserted oasis you will be thrilled to find.


What to See:

Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous sights to visit in Dubai. This 160-story skyscraper has an observation deck that rivals a space station, with the most epic views you will ever witness. At one point, it was the tallest building in the world, which is why it is a must see. Don’t miss the terrifying transparent viewing platform as well!

Al-Fahidi Fort
The fort was built in 1787 to defend the Dubai Creek from intruders, but stands today as an import and beautiful historic monument. It was constructed by traditional coral-blocks and held together with wooden poles, a technique still used today in the Emirates by locals. The fort has a unique history in that it has housed the ruling family for many years, so don’t skip it!

Al Bastakiya
Bastakiya, otherwise known as Old Dubai, is a delightful place to get a taste of traditional Arab architecture that is a stark contrast to the modern skyline that Dubai has today. Walk through the winding streets, take in the smells and sounds of the local community and embrace all that Dubai has to offer.

Dubai Creek
Dubai Creek seperates Dubai into the Deira and Bur Dubai parts of the city. It has quaint little boats that you are able to hire and paddle down the creek with, while absorbing the impressive views of the world-famous Dubai architecture.

Where to Shop:

The Dubai Mall
For luxury shopping, the Dubai Mall is the ideal place to find designer brands and socialites alike. Dubai has a reputation for having some of the world’s most elite brands and rare items. Whether you go to buy or not, you should still visit the mall and embrace the wealth that Dubai offers.

Deira offers a slightly different charm to the busy shopper in Dubai. Deira has a mix of the many ethnic regions that now call Dubai home. It is a great place to find beautiful souvenirs and trinkets to take home as gifts, or pick up something funky, such as Arabian home décor.

Dubai offers so much to the luxury consumer. Every single whim can be catered to in Dubai due to the presence of some of the world’s elite resorts, shopping, dining, and tourism options. Be sure to exchange enough currency when you leave to support the high cost of tourism and of course shopping! This way you will get the best possible GBP to AED exchange rate for your upcoming holiday in Dubai and really have that lavish luxury holiday you deserve!

Image source: Google Images/Istock

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